anybody got a scooter , not ped,with a windshield? I saw one in JC Whitney for a Honda Elite that looks like I can adapt it. hate to booger up a 65 dollar windshield just to find out, but all I know to do is to experiment cause its startin ta get pretty chilly down here , I went out in 30 degree whether one day early in my thermal hunting suit, full face helmet with face gator(half a ski mask) really good gloves and I was ok for a bout 4 miles which is how far it is to work, but I wasnt going to work I was experimenting and the 4 miles back was coldddddddddd, my hands and feet were freezing...and its not gettin any warmer yet....Rog,......PS I'm movin to Fla one of these days.......

Re: Windshields

i have a windshield that i think is compatible with just about any mounts on the was on a garelli super sport...let me know if you want it...ryan

Re: Windshields

Thanks Ryan but its not a moped and doesnt have handlebars,well not that you can mount anything on anyway...thanks anyway Rog

Re: Windshields

hey ryan, im most definetely interested. where are you located? how much with shipping? thanks!!!!

Re: Windshields

Rich King /

Hey Guy,

I've got a windshield on a 2000 Derbi Atlantis scooter. I saw it on the net on the Derbi Webpage. It was about $100, I believe and it mounts in the holes for the rear view mirrors. Actually they make 2 models. A large parasol ??? likes similar to a Harley type motorcycle windshield, and a small sport model, similar to the ones you see on crotch rockets. The US Derbi importer is in Miami. While I ordered the larger one, he told me that he only orders the sport ones. The sport one will work fine in defecting some wind, bugs and rain if you are somewhat short in stature and you mount it as high as you can. However, if you are tall like I am (6'2"), it's just ok. Don't get me wrong, it makes the scoot "look cooler" according to everybody over at the Ped Shop. In any event you can't order them directly thru the importer, you have to work with (local) dealer.

Rich King

Re: Windshields


here is my email address...write me here and we'll agree on a price...

thanks, ryan

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