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Sorry I haven't posted in awhile (since my Yamaha QT50 was stolen, pic is on this site).

I'm shopping for a new one, guess I'll buy it in a couple of days. I love the old vintage bikes, but I already have a couple of them, and don't really feel like working on them. Besides, I have to travel about 25 miles every day, and I want a brand new one.

I like the looks of the new Tomos Revival (there's a pic of one on this website), just wondering if anyone else has one and how well-built they might be. Not to offend anyone, but my Yamaha seemed much better built than any of my Tomoses. The Revival I saw today looked pretty tight, though.

I like the bike on this site (sorry about the crappy music):

I think this bike would look pretty cool with saddlebags and a windshield (ditch the basket). The site doesn't specify brand or country of origin. Does anyone recognise this bike?

How do the new 4-stroke peds compare to traditional 2-strokes in performance?

Finally, which would you choose?


(soon to be deeper in debt!)

Re: shopping questions

I like it man, and the music is an old Santana song called Lowrider , I meant I like the scoot,30+ mph , 4stroke ought to last a while . My scooter ended up being 1800 with tax and finance and this guy right up the street started dealing in Tomos a month later,,,oh well ... Rog

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