does anyone have the CORRECT throttle cable?

Hey guys!

Long time for me without a post....

I'm still searching for the correct throttle cable for my 78 Puch Maxi Single Speed. I have bought several from different places. They are all the "universal" puch cable that is too damned short. I have tried everything........ even bike cables.

I looked on the Moped Warehouse, but I can't seem to find it on there either...

HEL:P!!! Without Ped For 3 Months.

Re: does anyone have the CORRECT throttle cable?

Infected, email Joe at the moped junkyard. I am sure they have it, and he is really quick with responses to email. He is also very helpfull. You could also as Ike what he has. That dude has a boat load of Puch parts!


Re: does anyone have the CORRECT throttle cable?

I went to Wal-Mart and got the brake cables they sell,then modified the stop on the end for the carb so it would fit and it worked great.I then bought 2 cables from Handy Bikes which were made for the Sebrings.I just installed one of them the other day.All I had to do was grind the stop at the end to proper size and cut the other stop off the end which I slipped into the throttle hand grip.Works great!

Re: does anyone have the CORRECT throttle cable?

Matt Wilson /

If you can't get specific moped cables you can get tandem bicyle cable which are twice as long

Re: does anyone have the CORRECT throttle cable?


I have new throttle cables. The housing is 37" long and the cable is 48" long.

$10.00 + $3.50 priority mail.



Re: you can make it work

I also have the incorrect throttle, however it does work with some alterations.

(1)Remove the adjusting fitting on the elbow and (2) screw the elbow into the carburetor cover as far as it will go. With these changes the overall cable housing is now short enough to accomodate the cable.

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