'78 Puch Maxi

Shane Wolfe /

Just got a 78 Puch Maxi with 641miles on the Odometer for 200$. It looks great! It needs a little tuning on the engine, but it's nothing major.

I live in the "hills" of Western Maryland, where rednecks rule the road. I love pissing off the guys in the huge trucks with glass packed mufflers on my 49cc beast! Down with Farmer Joe! The Moped Lives!

RE: '78 Puch Maxi

Reeperette /

Way to go Shane !

In Western MD, you might want to get in touch with your closest Honda dealer - in MD, a lot of the Honda dealers also carry Tomos products, and quite a few of the parts are compatible and can be crossed over if you cannot find original puch replacements in your area - also, check out the 'links' section of this site, and get a line on parts before you wind up needing them - that helps a lot.


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