Its a mindset Don

Okay I'm in my 15 year old dodge wagon going down the street when a car comes barreling up to the stop sign at 90 degrees from me..... what am I thinking... come on hit me bitch , I could use a new car hahaha............ same scenario on my Honda motorcycle, what am I thinking........ Hey what the hell is wrong with you ,you tryin to kill me!!!!!!! why? no cage to protect me,,automatic fear of death or pain, or does my cage make me invincible?,,,or in my cage am I actually thinking dollar signs?? ....all of the above??,,,Well Don glad your ok but, I'm guessing the guy in the truck never saw you (not that thats any better) but I doubt he tried to run you down. Golly gee Mrs Cleaver What happened to the Beav!,,

I also understand your anger Don but a 9mm? so what if you hit his tires at 60mph blow them and he flips and dies? especially if hes racing his pregnant wife to the hospital,,,hhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Re: Its a mindset Don

hey ... i know don wouldnt' have done that. but ... i've had homicidal thoughts myself at different times.

and even if the guy was racing his pregnant wife to the hospital (especially if he was doing so!) ... he should've been more careful.

the problem is that being in a car makes for bad drivers. when i drive a car, i have to keep telling myself to pay attention. i really do. you're in a comfy seat ... climate control ... the windshield starts to look like television. and what a boring show that is! ... so next thing you notice, you've gone 3-4 blocks and can't remember any of it.

then there are those people who are just plain jerks and try to run you down. i've had that happen in my neighborhood. not on highways. just plain jerks who honk and throw shit at you as they ride by real close. happens often enough.

Re: Its a mindset Don

Well,Rog,you no doubt have a point.You're dead on about the mindset too.But I once had to drive my wife 85 mi. to Columbus when my boy was about to be born.I hit 120mph once because there was zero traffic at 2 or 3 in the morning on that 4-lane.But driving at higher speed ,worried as I was,made me MORE VIGILANT as to what was ahead.The baby was stuck under her `pubic arch' and we were in serious trouble.A wonderful old doctor,a specialist with forceps, saved their lives at Grant Hospital.Well,back to the present.You really had to be there,I think.Here was a totally open 4-lane highway,no traffic for half a mile or more,and he dives into MY lane?Sounds like intended harm to me!Sure looked like it.Besides Rog,bullets don't blow tires,they spew out the air.Ever seen the police videos of a crook that runs over the police spikes?Tires aren't like the old days.Tubes inside a tire were like bombs and blowouts were common.A wise, old mechanic told me years ago:`You always should run tubeless tires.They'll spew out air where tube type tires will explode.' I would even feel safer on my `peds with a tubeless tire,but I think they're all tube type.So if I HAD shot out a tire,I don't think it would have thrown that big pickup into too bad of a spin.But maybe I won't shoot `em out.I'll try to look at the license number,MAYBE ! I thought yesterday that I ought to `stake out' that road at the same time and watch for white F-150s to come by.I'm still worried he's gonna kill some cyclist or mopeder.

Re: Its a mindset Don

Oh,and Miguel?I think the latter type person you described is who I met up with day before yesterday.But that's a good description of what a person feels like in his/her second living room;the car.I've done exactly what you said.Especially on a long trip.

Re: Its a mindset Don

Miguel, I hear ya. When I am driving a car, I get lost in thought. Because when your in a car, there is so much other shit going on. I got the punk rock blasting, a cigerette lit, and then I arrive at my destination, and I don't recall one single thing from the drive. Unless of course I see a moped in someone's trash or something. :) However, I can sit here and recall like every moped trip, where I went, what I saw on the way, the route that I took. You really get to observe your surroundings on a moped. Mopeds give me the feeling that I used to have when I would go skateboarding with my friends when I was younger. Those are memories that you will never forget. I love my moped.


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