speed kit seems to be fine, just not on the bullet

<HTML>i just want to clarify that tom from the moped army has a speed kit installed on his targa lx and it still works great and has him speeding along at 50 + mph. i think there were just some minor differences that yield large consequences in my 92 tomos golden bullet tt lx with the engine crankshaft and such. the old seals/cylinder/block from his ped don't match up to where they should fit on mine and i think that is the reason why my speed kit didn't go through.

so now i'm back to regular 49cc but that's just fine. a little extra speed would be nice but no big deal.

well i'd still like to get the biturbo on but i'm not sure how to rig it up to fit on the standard engine. any info on that would be greatly appreciated.


RE: speed kit seems to be fine, just not on the bu

you can go ahead and put the biturbo pipe on it.........but be careful........you will have to keep a close eye on the sparkplug to see how hot (lean) the motor is running........if the motor is too lean you could seize the piston.........the color of the plug should be tan........run it for 5 minutes then check the plug........if it is turning white it is too lean and will seize........thats when you have to jet the carburetor richer with a bigger main jet......you will know it is jetted right when you can run it hard on a cool day and the plug is still tan........they should have given you richer jets with the biturbo pipe,,,,,,,if not go back where you bought the pipe and buy richer main jets,,,,,,,,,then keep an eye on the sparkplug

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