A close call !

I was enjoying the fine relatively warm weather we've been having yesterday when I decided to shortcut over to one of my favorite country roads via a short(2 mi.)stretch of 4-lane highway.It's legal because it's not controlled access.Well,I had `er up to 32 or so and all was fine.The road is 60mph limit.I saw a F-150 approach from the rear but wasn't too concerned until I happened(thank God)to look up into the mirror and see he was gonna run over me.As I saw him dive behind me,my automatic reflexes took over.There was NO TIME to think.I guess I've done enough driving to know how to read that mirror,`cause I instantly swerved to the left lane AND HE PASSED ME ON THE RIGHT!!! Now guys and gals,I'm fairly stout of heart,but my blood turned to water, and how I had the strength to shake my fist at him as he disappeared at something over 60 mph surprises me.This nut is a true killer.He had the whole left lane at his disposal and chose to nearly kill me.I believe if I hadn't swerved he would have flattened me.So if I run a 4-lane anymore,I'll be on the berm.No more right lane antics for me!At least then I could jump over the guardrail. I WISH I could have gotten his license number.He's gonna kill somebody someday.I haven't told my wife `cause it would worry her so.I thank the Almighty for protecting me.Amen!Don-ohio was almost no more.

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Waynebroderick /

It's a good thing you didn't swerve to the right to let him pass. That's probably what I would have done--and it sounds like that's just what would have gotten you killed.

Glad you made it. I know what you mean about telling the wife--- I don't usually tell her about my near-death experiences---don't want to worry her.

Re: A close call !

I don't have a wife. :)

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Well,see.Wayne,I normally would have went right for safety,but I saw the left to right image of his grill in my mirror,and it was all automatic from there on out.Scared me to death,I'll admit! If the police had been around,they would've thrown away the key on him,I think.I really think he tried to hit me,but not squarely.I think he intended to `Dale Earnhardt ' me with no consideration as to whether I lived or died.Crisis!Don't be in a hurry to get a wife.Be choosey!Get a mopeder for sure!

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Glad to hear you were not hurt. It doesn't surprise me that some people don't respect a moped.

Way back when I had rebuilt a Harley Sportster and was taking it easy on the break in. I was on a road with a 50MPH limit that people usually do 65 on because it goes over a dam and there is no cross traffic. I was doing 45 in the right lane.

In my mirror, the only other car on that road was coming up behind me. an older dilapidatd Buick. The driver came right up behind me for about 10 seconds then gassed it to pass on the right. The lane on the left was wide open. As you did, I kept to the left. As the car passed I was going to yell and flip the driver off, but this was the fattest, ugliest welfare mother you ever saw, with an equally ugly partner riding shotgun, and a back seat full of kids. I decided not to provoke Ugly into swerving into me.

You hafta ride like their out to get you, because it really seems like they are! That's the message to all riders on two wheels.


Re: A close call !

Mind wife would tell me to ride on 6 lane next time ,i can see her picturing the $ signs in her mind .

Re: A close call !

That's a good experience,Jim!Those fast-moving Buicks with the big `Nut' behind the wheel will sure make a mess of 'ya! I normally do not shake my fist at anyone.I was just scared! If I would have had a 357 magnum I'd a blown both of his rear tires out and maybe some glass. But what got me was this FOOL was actually trying to take me out,I believe!WHY , on a clear 4-lane highway wouild he pass in the same lane as me?You gave good advice.Drive like they're out to get you.ALSO,PLEASE EVERYBODY!Watch that rearview mirror! Never take for granted they'll make a clean pass on your left giving you a wide berth.If I hadn't thought to peek in that mirror at that instant I would have been road-kill for sure.It scares me to see so many kids AND adults on bicycles with NO rearview mirror.I never will assume in their favor again! I count myself extremely fortunate to be among the living.

Re: A close call !

You're kidding,Dan! C`mon!

Re: A close call !

All the more reason to buy a car though really...I have a saab, it's as safe as a volvo...the ped is fun on neighborhood roads though...

Re: A close call !

Well Chad,I like cars for getting to work fast and safely,but when I play it's `pedding all the way!But if I'd been in my big F-250 I'd `a just let him hit me.I could use a new paintjob! And he mighta' got his just dessert,when his grill bit that big heavy utility bumper in the back.

Been there, done that.

Reeperette /

Yeah, you get those.

Had one jerkwad actually chase me in a 4x4 once down virginia ave in south baltimore, me on my trike and with a load of groceries in the back - I led him a merry chase indeed, cutting down into the local ballfield and using the superior cornering of my trike to keep his drunk ass from bumping me...while trying to nail his headlights with my bit o chain.

(never did score a hit on him, but no biggie, he didn't hit me neither, ha !)

He got bored with the game rather quickly and split, but the tiremarks were there for weeks, heh, look out for the ruts when sliding into third, kiddos.

The close brush that had me really shocked was on the way to work one morning on my Golden Bullet TTLX and a city bus decided to pass me, on the left is as proper, but so close he actually brushed my left shoulder and tapped my handlebars - one inch closer and I woulda been road pizza...the road had no margin, and I was like 6 inches from the curb.

I use two rearview mirrors when I can, and my Targa has four...I do keep an eye on them, WILL see ya comin, and will have a chain-swing reception planned for ya when you get there....most folks with this game in mind veer off when they see the chain deployed.


Re: Been there, done that.

Yeah,Ree!I KNOW you've been there,as your leg attests to.That sorry drunk that chased you should have been caught and put in jail for a long time.No way to get his license no. I suppose. But in my case there was no time to do anything other than swerve! I couldn't believe it! But being sighted in by the hood ornament is a new experience for me!Think I'm gonna load the 9mm next trip!I got 8 rounds says I can hit 2 of their tires in 3 seconds! I ain't shooting anybody but they won't be able to drive what they brought home.There isn't any excuse for comin' up on a moped at twice it's speed and tryin' to kill someone!I just wish instead of shakin' my fist I'd have read the license number.I have really good vision when I think to use it.Oh,well...........I've got my life and an experience that'll make a more wary mopeder out of me.But I don't like learning at the risk of my life! You bet I'll be watchin' for all white F-150s I see,and watching the people that drive them.It was sort of a construction-looking type truck.It could've been an F-250.Anyway,I ain't forgot it.

Re: Been there, done that.

yep, i usually ride assuming everyoune else out there wants to kill me. it's part of what makes any motorcycle/moped/scooter rider a bit macho, i think. we know the danger it involves just going out on the road.

Re: A close call !

One night while riding my moped home from a friends house, a group of deer jumped out in front of me while doing about 25. I stopped just in time for the last one to cross the road. It was pretty close.

I got my moped in NY and now have it with me in MN, but when it was in NY it had a sheath glued on to the bottom of the gas tank that held two throughing knives, Just in case any moped haters started anything.

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gimmyjimmy /


I'm glad you didn't get nailed, that short cut almost turned into a long road to recovery....if you lived. That guy probably didn't see you till it was too late or didn't realize how slow you were traveling when he came up on you at 60+ mph.

Your quick thinking evasive manuver saved you and I'm sure this close call will be on your mind for a while, I've had a few myself. You have a legal right to be on that highway as any other motorist, but at that speed, you are likey to have more close calls.

Motorists are suppose to watch out for what's in front of them, but distractions like kids,changing radio stations, damned cell phones, on and on, mostly cause the rear end collisions, and when it happens to a bike.....man it can be ugly.

Peds are good for country roads with shoulders/berms and city streets, but I wouldn't take my ped on a major highway, but that's my call, people are free to ride em anywhere they want, legal or not, but if I'm on a 60 mph highway.....I'm gonna be doing 60 also.

glad you are still here,


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hey PAUL L i love your idea on the throwing knives. sounds like a go for me. im in ny. where did you used to live?

Re: A close call !

Thanks,GimmyJimmy! If the guy didn't see me `til too late though,why did they dive into my lane to go thru.I was in the right lane and had to dive into the passing lane when they dove to the right.You could be right,but I still think it was a deliberate attempt to either try to just brush me or actually hit me.There were no witnesses.I talked to a fellow worker last night that rode motorcycles,and he told me about a carload of teens that threw a drink with ice and pop on him at road speed.He said he did the same as I did and shook his fist instead of tryin' to get the license number.I'll take quick reactions like I fortunately used over quick thinking in that case though.I've always thought of myself as kinda slow to react,I guess because I followed in the footsteps of my older brother who has lightning reflexes and showed it when he drove the race car.I was riding with him one day on a narrow country road.As we started up a short hill,a 1956 or so Buick(very heavy car) came flying over the knob of the hill on our side of the road!Driver was drunk as a skunk.IMMEDIATELY we were safe in the rightside ditch as Dan instantly reacted.If I'd have been the driver I could never have reacted that quickly.I still remember socking my shoe down deep in the mud he'd put us into.We knew the guy as he returned to check on us.I thought Dan might be going to lose his temper but he just told the guy off and made him get his Dad's tractor to pull us out of there.Drunk driving was viewed in a totally less serious way back in the sixties,you know?

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I was born and grew up in Huntington Station, Long Island, NY. I live with my mom in Minnesota for the past 5 years now. Every summer I live in NY with my dad and I've made it a habbit of finding mopeds and restoring them. The moped that i have here got shipped from my dad NY, and that is the one that has the throughing knives attacked to them.

Paul L

Re: A close call !

So,Paul,the knives were for New York hoodlums?In Minnesota you'd probably only need `em to scare off a wolf or coyote,huh?Or maybe an unruly Cleveland Browns fan?LOL!

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