Re: I was never wrong!

chad doesn't sell moped parts ... he buys them. ;-)

just kidding. chad's a solid decepticon. but he has too many nice mopeds!

ah ... but none as beautiful as my bianchi ...

Re: Sachs decompression

Well Miguel,

If your friends truly desperately wanted mopeds they would find them and purchase them just as easily as I do. Obviously they do not put forth the effort to obtain that which they "want". In regards to hoarding mopeds, you seem to have some incapablity to comprehend a collection in any magnitude. I have helped many people to repair their mopeds with both my parts and my time without asking for anything in return. I think it very poor of you to suggest to people to boycott my attempts to purches more parts or mopeds.



Re: I was never wrong!

Sorry,Miguel! If he has Motomarina and Motobecane Sebrings,your Bianchi is `outclassed'.And I know he does!Nya,nya,na,nya,na! (:>P

Re: Sachs decompression

Don't worry,Chad! I ain't listnin' to Miguel.We all know somebody's got to have a surplus for anybody to have anything to choose from.He's as close to a `communist-minded'moped freak as I know.No offense,Miguel! (:>P

Re: Sachs decompression

hey chad, i know you're down for the cause. see the smily faces ---> ;-)

even though you've beat me on a few ebay auctions ... but ... i think i beat you once or twice, too ;-)

someday my moped collection will rival yours ... and all italian. ;-)

Re: Sachs decompression

no offense to calling me a left-winger. i tend to lean somewhere between saint-simon socialism and anarcho-syndicalism.

but chad's entitled to have his mopeds and ride them. i guess he has enough to ride a different one every day. ;-)

i'm faithful to my bianchi ... except when i have to ride the vespa ...

Re: Sachs decompression

Yeah,Miguel,just `joshin' ya'!But you got me with that anarcho-syndicalism.What the heck is that?Oh,well.I guess I deserved it.(;>)

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