Help! Found a small (0.5-1cm) hole on engine

<HTML>OK, I was changing the clutch oil today and found a small hole (probably caused by running into the curb) on the bottom of the engine (targa LX). Should I worry about it? And what should I use to patch it up? thanks!</HTML>

RE: Help! Found a small (0.5-1cm) hole on engine

<HTML>Depends on where it is.....did it let the oil out of your clutch housing?.......or is it up by where the crankshaft is?.......those are both trouble, and could cause very expensive damage if your patch job falls those cases you should probably take it somewhere to get it welded........otherwise you can use an epoxy glue like JB Weld, Loctite makes one also.........they will cost about $4.00 US......and follow the instructions will have to make a patch out of another small piece of metal to cover it ........maybe 3cm by 3cm........and glue it on </HTML>

RE: Help! Found a small (0.5-1cm) hole on engine

<HTML>The hole is towards the left side of the engine, and it doesn't seem like anything is leaking out of it. I will take your advice and patch it up with epoxy. Thanks</HTML>

RE: Help! Found a small (0.5-1cm) hole on engine

hey man

check to see if this hole is the one that vents your timing chest.

some engines have a small hole to vent the flywheel area of the engine.

just think it over. if it was totally closed up and got hot in there the moisture

in the case would condense and get your points wet........thats why they vent

the timing chest, so look to see where the hole goes?

my old xr-75 honda had a hole in the bottom and if we ran it thru enough

streams that day it was bound to crap out from wet points

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