Chat TONIGHT at 9 PM on

be there! im lonely

Ooo, the colors.

Reeperette /

Dudes, that blue is murder on my eyes...I can only take about 10 minutes of it before I can't see the text any more.

Me and a couple buds have our own chat network entire, via IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and although we're changing shell providers right now, it'll be back up shortly.

Y'all are quite welcome there....considering there's a registered channel just for moped chat

(Me being the resident network enforcement, and the job has it's perks, right ?)

I shall see if I can be lingering around there about 9pm, but don't expect me to stay long.


Re: Ooo, the colors.

Ree... you should be able to 'force' your browser to use the text color of your display page. I was going to stop by, but got tied up playing Tiger Woods PGA 1999 (the BEST golf game on any platform....)

I did okay, 7 under par, was 2nd on the tour--- My pal, Tom, was under by 12 or 13... getting Aces and Eagles left and Right.

Anyone else golf? Computer that is.

Re: Ooo, the colors.

Reeperette /

>>Ree... you should be able to 'force' your browser to use the text color of your display page.<<

Not the text, it's that damndable nasty blue like, eats a hole in my cornea or somethin....FYI, I have a light-sensitivity problem, my comps colors are grey/black/blue (windows monochrome defaults, mostly) - so I really can't see, after a while.

There a way to force-change the color in IE5, cause damned if I could last time, and I tried.



Reeperette /

9:17pm...and imma still sittin here.

Had a basher-scumbag show up, whom I just ran off.

We really should do this on a protected server with the ability to kick such folks off.

Our New IRC Server address is

If that don't work use


Re: Ooo, the colors.

Ree, you're right-- I couldn't change the color, and it is almost as bad as looking at a solar eclipse---

Re: Helloooo

Steve Anderson /

i keep getting a "connection refused" error when trying to connect to the irc server. im trying default port 6667 and that doesnt seem to work. perhaps you know of the correct port? and what chat channel you guys dwell in?

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