transmission repair - Jawa 210 moped

<HTML>1: Any suggestions why the friction pads would transmit movement to the rear wheel only when there is no load? When the bike is on it's stand, the rear wheel spins.

When on the ground, it doesn't move. The pads and the metal contact surface have been degreased.

2: Also, what is the thickness of the friction pads when new?

I replaced the originals by glueing bits of auto brake pads in their place.

Any opinions about this fix?


RE: transmission repair - Jawa 210 moped

The friction pads you glued on are probably not thick enough to get a grip to push with.....the glue would probably not last very long even if they did will probably have to buy the proper parts to get it to work.

Re: transmission repair - Jawa 210 moped

Having the same problem with my Jawa. The real wheel spins when it's in the air, but on the ground it doesn't move. If you pedal up to speed, the second gear can power the bike fine though. My shoes look fine. Did you resolve this? What was the solution?

Re: transmission repair - Jawa 210 moped

take apart the second gear clutch the seal is prolly gone making the clutch slip

either that or your engine isnt putting out enough power

Re: transmission repair - Jawa 210 moped

Vlado vlado /

Once the clutch pads get soiled with oil only remedy is to replace them with new clutch arms- there is NO way to degrease those pads, believe me!

Temporary fix could be to smidge the pads with school chalk or baby powder- but it will work only for short time- this way at least you will see if slippery pads are the problem.

And to glue new pads at home will never work eighter- the process is done by specialists having correct equipment and chemicals.

Luckily Hungarian guy from Budapest offers them on e-Bay for very reasonable price.

Jay is right about not having enough power?- check the compression- maybe worn out rings, or clogged exhaust? what about rusted brakes/ bearings in wheels...?

go for it!

Re: transmission repair - Jawa 210 moped

What does the seal look like? We had had the second gear clutch apart the other day, but were only looking at the pads. Do they sell replacement seals? How can we test if it's slipping. Vladimir - There is no evidence that oil ever got into the clutches and they seem to be working alright. Also, I don't think it's a matter of power, once the second gear kicks in after pedaling, you can feel that the bike has a lot of power and really moves along. For some reason the first gear just doesn't transfer power to the back tire.The first gear clutch spins like it should and turns the belt, but though the place where the belt catches on the second gear clutch is snug and spins, the second gear clutch and rear tire don't spin. not sure if there is something inside that is supposed to make them turn through the transmission or if that belt is all that is. Right now we think it might be a transmission problem. Any thoughts what it might be if it is the transmission. Thanks for both your help and please keep responding...

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