Fast Food Pickups.

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>> But...mopeds don't do to well in fast food drive throughs. :) <<

Generally not, although I had an interesting moment with a local Wendy's back in Baltimore once.

Instead of a pressure switch they had the ole bit of hose, and when ya ran over it, it sent the signal, simple enough...I guess they musta had problems with kids steppin on it or whatever, cause I was out for some food, and when I wheeled over it, the guy on the other end starts screamin at me.

Jeez dude, take a valium, yannow ?

Anyhows, I rolled up and decided to see what his "issue" was...expecting an apology (mopedders DO use drive thru's, or at least I do!) and he starts railin at me...well fine and dandy, they didn't want my business, they didn't get any more.

What IS it with catching attitude cause you run the drive thru in a moped ?

Wasn't the first time neither, just the worst.

I wanna take a Limo through a drive thru once, just to see how they react.


This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.
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