Red Lights

Does anyone else have trouble at Red Lights, triggering them to change?

Is it a metal detector or a scale? Either way, they aren't triggered by a moped. Normally, It's not a big deal, because I just wait, and make a careful move, and run the red light if I have to.

Where I NEED the redlight, it's a different story. Some intersections are so busy and fast, and the moped generally fairly slow, so I need the red light to get across. Often, I choose to walk the moped across, as though I'm broken down, cars HAVE to stop for a pedestrian, even if he's pushing a moped.

Think of the liability if you get hit, because the light wouldn't change and you got smashed trying to cross against the light. I've called motor vehice and the local Police Departments, and have got several conflicting answers.

When I asked them to send me a quick letter to verify that they had just told me to "Use priudence and jurisdiction" and that I shouldn't "wait at a light that won't trigger..." they refuse.

What gives? What do others do about this situation? Have you actually tried to get an official answer to the question of "What do I do at a red-light when I am unable to trigger it.."??

Re: Red Lights

Reeperette /

>>What gives? What do others do about this situation? Have you actually tried to get an official answer to the question of "What do I do at a red-light when I am unable to trigger it.."??<<

I forget who told me (I think it was a State Cop) but proceedure for a non-functional or disfunctional light, which seems to apply to the situation was as thus.

Confirm that no vehicle or pedestrian approaches from either direction.

Use headlight/flashers to draw attention to your vehicle and signal that you are about to cross the intersection.

Apply horn twice and carefully proceed through the intersection.

Of course, as with many laws, those who are mandated to apply and enforce them have no clue what they are.

(And I won't get into why that makes the police just one more street gang, now.)



gimmyjimmy /


Here is a new word that should be added to our language,

mo-ped-es-trian: a person who walks their moped through an intersection or along a highway, yield to all mopedestrians.

wadduya think?

Re: Red Lights

Since I'm close to the curb anyway, and most corners have handicap ramps, I pedal up to the crosswalk button and push it.

I've done it with my Harley FLH. People just can't believe it!


Re: Red Lights

There are always cars where I live, so I haven't had that problem. But...mopeds don't do to well in fast food drive throughs. :)

Re: Red Lights

gimmyjimmy /

dang jim, can't that hog trigger that switch?

try cinderblocks in the saddlebags. :{)

Re: Red Lights

brian and i have noticed that as well.. we normally just pull forward enough to let the car behind us trigger it (i think they are weight activated)... and if no car is behind us... and no cops around... you just burn it. =]

Fast Food Pickups.

Reeperette /

>> But...mopeds don't do to well in fast food drive throughs. :) <<

Generally not, although I had an interesting moment with a local Wendy's back in Baltimore once.

Instead of a pressure switch they had the ole bit of hose, and when ya ran over it, it sent the signal, simple enough...I guess they musta had problems with kids steppin on it or whatever, cause I was out for some food, and when I wheeled over it, the guy on the other end starts screamin at me.

Jeez dude, take a valium, yannow ?

Anyhows, I rolled up and decided to see what his "issue" was...expecting an apology (mopedders DO use drive thru's, or at least I do!) and he starts railin at me...well fine and dandy, they didn't want my business, they didn't get any more.

What IS it with catching attitude cause you run the drive thru in a moped ?

Wasn't the first time neither, just the worst.

I wanna take a Limo through a drive thru once, just to see how they react.


Re: Fast Food Pickups.

In Taco Bell's drive through one night, with a ton or cars behind me, I sat there for like 10 straight minutes. I was really hungry, but I started to get anxious, because the people behind started bitching. So I just pulled through, parked it, and went in.

Re: Red Lights

I've done the crosswalk trick a lot myself. I even do it when I'm driving now. I do get out of the car- buicks on sidewalks are not a good thing. The other thing is to pick the moped up and move it over, if there's a car behind you their usually greatfull to get going too.

Re: Fast Food Pickups.

Down here in Stickville,Ree,they never say an unkind word about the `ped.Sometimes I do have to drive on up and bang on the window though.Generally they seem to be amused at my 230 lbs. sittin' on a little `ped.But remember,I've probably got the only `ped they've seen for months in this sleepy little town.Seems like the last `ped I saw was a young lady with her kid on the back ,about a year ago or so when gas was at near it's highest.

Re: Fast Food Pickups.

my tomos gets through the lights fine.. ok there are usually a row of sensors for the lane. well if they run the way you are traveling then u look for 2 close together. drive right up the middle and bingo u got a light. i just have the magnetic sensor around here.


Re: Fast Food Pickups.

at drive throughs, i just pull right up to the window and give them my order ... but i hardly ever ever eat junk food.

Re: Fast Food Pickups.

Miguel! Junk food is good for you! It holds the arterial walls together with cholesterol.All the while then the empty calories are making sure you don't feel too healthy so you never overdo it and strain yourself.(:>P

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