Kreidler Question, Again!

hey everyone... that kreidler mp19 i mentioned the other day, well the guy wants 350$ for it now (he originally said 250$, then 450$!, but i talked him back down..)... the bike is near mint and everything works besides the tail light keeps burning out. im just assuming they are using the wrong bulb in it. it is the model with the long seat and little storage trunk under the seat... does 350$ sound fair? i really want to get it, and im assuming from everything i read thats it should be a strong bike and easy to work on... i just have trouble making decisions for myself sometimes! =]



Re: Kreidler Question, Again!

the price is relative. if you really want it, and are willing to spend $350, then do so. i paid $350 for my grande, and it was not in near-mint condition (it had a few rough spots here and there and missing the carb airbox, a broken center stand, a few other minor things). but i really wanted a grande and was willing to spend that much.

my bianchi was near mint, but slow slow slow ... and i paid $330 for it. i've also gotten lucky and paid $50 for a carabela that was very nice and complete, but had a seized engine (still seized) and a "project bike" garelli (almost complete) for about $60 that never got around to running (it was stripped for parts to get another garelli running).

my personal opinion is that $300-450 is a fair price for a solid running moped that's in good condition and that you want. you can get lucky at find mopeds in the trash or get super good deals. you can also find mint mint condition "prize bikes" that will sell for lots and lots of money.

it's up to you. if i were you, casey ... i'd buy it. but i'm not you ... so i won't. it's not italian after all! ;-)

Re: Kreidler Question, Again!

Crisis--Cincinnat /

Go for it Beagle! Although I am going to be so jealous! Emily is going to have a sweeter ride than you!

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yeah, you guys are totally right.. we are getting it tomorrow! here are a few pics of it... its gonna clean up so nice!

Re: Kreidler Question, Again!


Re: Kreidler Question, Again!


Re: Kreidler Question, Again!

That is one tough looking ped beagle! Way to go! I saw Amy's ped today, and that bike is sweet!

Re: Kreidler Question, Again!


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