blee, Mb5 still messy, sorta?

In my last posts i was saying that my MB5 sputters sumtimes, and i think its due to the compression or the plugs. Well, i put a new NGK plug in it, and last night, when i first started it, it sputtered really bad whe i revved it. I let it sit and idle for about 5 minutes, and it stil did it, but after reving it, and finally putting it into gear and hitting the gas, it stopped. I dont know if its cuz it wasnt warm ed up or what, but it only does this every so often when you first start it, and sometimes it will go away. I dunno why Ms. Mary..... I dropped the baby. murp.

Re: blee, Mb5 still messy, sorta?


Wanna trade it for a 99 targa LX? Gotta ask, i've bben looking for one for a while. Steve

Re: blee, Mb5 still messy, sorta?

no way. Despite the little problems, this thing is WAY worth it. The brake and the 5 speed gear box make it so much more fun than a tomos. However, there is an MB5 on eba right now. I think its in texas, and its only at $100 or so, so even with shipping, it would be worth it!

Re: blee, Mb5 still messy, sorta?

probably needs to just warm up. some bikes don't like to idle right after they start. i think they just want to go already ...

Re: blee, Mb5 still messy, sorta?

i dont think thats right. There have been times where ill be sitting at a light, (after ive been rding it for a while, and its already plenty warm) and i will hit the gas, and it coughs, and makes a loud PING and and dosent have any power, and wont rev past 4 or 5000. Its gotta be something other than jiust warming up.....

Timing ?

Reeperette /

Loss of power at idle sounds like maybe a timing problem, just a guess.

You got points or CDI on that ?



it doesnt have points, i think its CDI. But guess wut? i went and got those NGK plugs, and the plug still seems to be the problem. I once it starts to ping and pop, a new plug always does the trick. I even took the "bad" plug out and tested the sprk compared to a brand new one, and the both seem to give off a strong spark! but the bike just wont run on a plugg that is more than about 3 days old. There has to be a reason for this.

low comp

"there has to be a reason for this"

Dang right.

Dude... ya got 60 psi of compression!

Its FFFFed up... there is no magic fix for it... you have to fix your piston/bore/rings to get it back up to snuff.

Till you do that... it isn't gonna run right... no matter what you do.

(the black down the side of the piston you mentioned before?... that was good detective work... it HAS to be fixed)

The cheapest possible fix... is.... get the cyl honed only... and get new rings...that would only cost $30 total (probably)... and MIGHT let it live another 500 to 1000 miles.

Re: low comp

mike hartel /

you got it freinds did something like that. it sucks to that honda does not make a over bore piston. if the jugs not bad a standerd pistin and rings might work.

Re: low comp

Reeperette /

What's the piston specs...I dug an old Wyseco catalog out (still unpacking) and they might have somethin a hair over that'll fit.


Re: low comp

Well your deffinetly right about the 60 psi being bad. I ordered a cylinder kit from . I got the best one which was about $150. (the cheapset was $40!) It should be heere in a week, but im gonna be out of action for a while anywa. I just got out of the hospital today for a hernia operation. Yuck!

Note: never try lifting 180lb. of concrete mix with your back.

Re: low comp

For everybody's info:Next time ANYBODY needs a hernia operation,or if yours gives you any trouble,TIMMO,always go to the Shouldice Clinic in Toronto ,CANADA.They walk you off the operating table and you could be back riding a `ped in 4 days! I had one done there in 1986 and I poured a big concrete driveway 4 days later,with their blessing.They have a unique system that others try to emulate but why go to the imitators when the Masters are available.My Dad,at 66 yrs.old in 1985,had had several hernia operations that had failed over the years.He always suffered at least a month before he recovered from each.We heard about the Shouldice Clinic from a friend and Dad got one operation thru all the scar tissue of the past and has never had a problem since!He's 83 yrs.old now.To top it all off,the operation is way cheaper than ours in the States.Just tryin' to help prevent unnecessary pain and sufferin'.Stay away from cement bags,Timmo!

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