batavus hs50

just bought a new house and found a Batavus 1976 hs50 in the barn in near perfect condition. I replaced the spark plug and wire can't get it to stay running.

Do I have to mix gas and oil ? I don't have a clue on this one ...

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XBrandon EdgeX /

Yes you have to mix gas and oil. Most mopeds take a ratio of 40:1. Also, take the carburator apart and clean everything really good.

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how many miles does it have?

mixture ratio

its supposed to be 40:1? I thought it was 50:1, thats what i use. I have another question- is it ok to mix the gas in the gas tank of the moped? like put half a gallon of gas in the tank then put the right amount of oil in then shake it around?


Re: mixture ratio

XBrandon EdgeX /

Yeah, all my bikes take 50:1, but I use 40:1 just to be safe. Mixing the gas and oil in the bikes tank isn't recommended, as it's hard to shake it and mix it thouroghly. Just mix it in a seperate can and shake it really good.

Re: mixture ratio

Crisis--Cincinnati /

I like to put the 2 stroke in the gas can first, then poor the gas in from the pump. It gets mixed really nicely. Sounds like you just need to clean your carb. You probably have something blocking the jet (little brass screw with small hole in the middle, found when you take the bowl off of the carb) Hope this helps!


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Re: batavus hs50

also ... check the fuel petcock. sometimes we (i) forget to turn the gast to "on" and then the bike won't run for more than a few seconds.

but clean the carb asap. also the muffler. if it's been sitting for a while, the carb is probably the most important thing.

great find, btw!

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