hop ups for 1980 sachs

is there any hop ups for a 1980 sachs or any thing i can do to make it faster? please write back or email me at ilsimsli@aol.com

Re: hop ups for 1980 sachs

there should be. a larger carb will help, so will a larger front sprocket and performance exaust. i'm not sure who makes performance exhausts for sachs, though i'm sure polini does.

check to see what someone w/ a sachs tells you. but most mopeds will just need the above.

also ... how fast do you go now? what model engine do you have? what size carb/jet do you have? anything else will help us help you.

Re: hop ups for 1980 sachs

brian away /

If I shut the engine off on my Sachs, I go down hills pretty fast. If I weighed more, I'd go even faster. I don't try to go up hills.

I need to work on it.

Yeah I think most or all have Bing carbs, so you ought to find some stuff. Polini exhaust, yeah. I'm not much help.

Re: hop ups for 1980 sachs

There isn't anything available for the Sachs in the US. I would like to get ahold of a biturbo and just try the damn thing, but nobody around me has one. Try a smaller sprocket on the rear wheel, because there isn't enough clearance between the front sprocket and the engine case. I think it's an 11 tooth only on the front.

There are two types of heads that work on the 505 and 504 motors. The square one has larger ports and a diffrent piston than the tapered one, even tho they have the same bore and stroke. There is also(if your lucky) a 2-speed but I havn't seen one personally.

The difference between the 505 and 504 is that the 505 has the pedals connected to the engine case, and the 504 dosen't.



Re: hop ups for 1980 sachs

Crisis--cincinnati /

I have been looking into performance parts for my Sachs, but haven't found anything! If you want a performance exhaust, you are going to have to get one and modify the end that attaches at the head. Sachs have a different connection there, than most peds. My question is the same as Miguel's. How fast does it go now? What kind is it? I know Sachs made their mopeds in 20-25-30mph versions. I have yet been able to figure out how to tell the difference just from looking at them.


Re: hop ups for 1980 sachs

brian away /

Mine has a little sticker on the front fork that says "25 mph".

Yeah I checked out the Polini site, they have some performance stuff for Sachses, but no exhaust. You'd have to weld a biturbo to make it work. Crisis is right, Sachs' exhausts don't connect by being bolted in like Puchs and others do. So a standard biturbo would require welding.

Re: hop ups for 1980 sachs

Reeperette /

>>Sachs made their mopeds in 20-25-30mph versions. I have yet been able to figure out how to tell the difference just from looking at them.<<

Prolly carb/intake sizing, muchlike the Batavus had.

What kinda carb they come with ?

Some Polini exhausts may fit, but one might be best off using a chopped Biturbo, with the Sachs motor.


Re: hop ups for 1980 sachs

The Sachs exhaust pipe is a slip on with a clamp. if you had a pipe that is the right diameter, you cut a short slit in it, and use a clamp to hold it on. You could probably use a hacksaw to do it, and no welding.

That is if the pipe makes a 90 degree turn at the end. If not, How does the 2-peice biturbo work? couldn't you slip that over the sachs exhaust pipe, after removing the stock muffler?

Re: hop ups for 1980 sachs

That's an interesting thought Mike.....

Re: hop ups for 1980 sachs

polini makes custom made exhausts ... so they'll custom build one for your engine specs. just contact them, if you can. simon just got one for his motobecane.

the sachs uses the bing carb, like the puch, right? if so ... you can probably get more performance just be getting a larger carb. also, a smaller rear sprocket will give you the same results as a larger front sprocket (the key is the ration between front and back).

Re: hop ups for 1980 sachs

Crisis--Cincinnati /

I got the mags in for Krista's Sachs. It is going to look sweet when I am finished with it! I am going to get my old man to weld the end of the sachs exhaust to the Biturbo, and put a proma circuit on my maxi luxe. I will let you know the results.

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