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I am having a hard time typing this between laughng at the stupid responses, like yours, crying over the fact that someone can make it through high school knowing so little about electricity and laughing at the amusing responses from the few who understand.

In the spirit of the moment, I will now grade this thread. : )

>Author: paul (

>Date: 12-11-01 15:59

>hi all, at they have a 6volt horn for sale. would this work on 6volt >peds??

Oliver, if you are so smart, why did you ask this question? You knew your "ped" was 6v dc, you knew cars and motorcycles use dc. The only problem you could have is a battery, or horn wiring which can't handle the horn current.

Next time you post, tell us something about the "ped" like how mant wheels it has, this will probably get you better answers.

>Author: Ron Brown (

>Date: 12-11-01 16:19


>Most peds are AC, most horns for other applications are DC and will not work >correctly.

This post, of course, is perfect. Don't argue with me! I am doing the grading here!

>Author: oliver (

>Date: 12-11-01 19:14

>are you on drugs???? ALL mopeds are DC the only part that is ac is the >ignitionsystem, then a silicon rectifyer changes it to dc. for lamps, horns, etc...

Oliver, if you can come out of your drug induced haze just long enough for some enlightenment; this is a Moped Forum Mo(Motor)-Ped(Pedals), if you are posting about some other type of vehicle, please say so and avoid all the confusion. If it is 50cc you will probably get an answer even if it is a scooter. You have described a scooter electrical system fairly well, pity you asked your question about a moped. Almost all mopeds have no rectifier or battery and run everything on ac at 6 or 12 volts.

>Author: miguel (

>Date: 12-11-01 20:10

>mopeds (as opposed to scooters) don't even have ignition systems.

Miguel!!! Read before you post! I am sure you meant to say "charging" instead of ignition, otherwise, if your spark plug simply prevented compression loss, why would it have to be platinum? : )

>Author: Jim C. (

>Date: 12-11-01 20:28

>Only mopeds with batteries use a RECTIFIER. For simplicity non-battery models >use AC for everything.

>My Vespa Grande only uses the battery for turn indicators and tail light. Horn, >headlight, and stop light are AC.

>miguel is right also. Mopeds use a reverse impulse plasma regeneration instead >of an ignition system.

Jim, Excellent synopsis of your Grande electrical system and good spelling correction on rectifier. I also appreciate the explaination of Miguel's insistence on platinum plugs. I am sure that ignition system would melt the electrodes off a normal plug.

>Author: oliver (

>Date: 12-11-01 20:33

>if you dont have an ignition system then your moped wont run, look go tou your >moped and hook up a multi meter to your horn and set it to dc current and press >the horn button, it will read 6 volts DC not ac ok. ac is alternating current. whitch >is like plugs on the wall, so if you have a groung and you touch it you will get a >good shock. so dont argue, ask any one else, the mopeds electrical system is >DC.

Oliver, good point on the ignition system but Jim explained that, at least to my satisfaction. I'm sure you will find this depressing, but all mopeds are not like yours, which is probably a scooter. I am happy thet you have learned to use a multimeter well enough to figure out that your horn runs on 6 volts dc. Now try to learn a little more about electricity. While you are right that "plugs on the wall" are ac, they are more descriptively, 117 volts ac. It is not the ac that hurts, it's the 117 volts. Please forgive me for argueing, but I seem to have most of this thread on my side. Nya, Nya!

>Author: Wayne (

>Date: 12-12-01 08:02


>My moped uses a tachyon drive that is powered from an initial Nuke-u-lar >reaction-- it uses plutonium pellets to start up the chain reaction. Once the >reaction begins, the flux capicitor begins powering itself from the disruption >ripples in space-time.

>I'm trying to run my next moped from Higgs-Boson particles, but I can't catch >enough of them, and they lose coherence before I can get any usable power. I'll >let you know if I have any luck with it.

Wayne, excellent description of your propulsion system. Perhaps, unless it means you have to kill us, you could share the relevant equations?

As for the Higgs-Bosun particles, have you tried building collectors into your stero speakers, where I am sure the 5lb magnets would be a great assist.


In summary, you get much better answers from this forum if you clarify the question. You should never assume that "all" is a good word to use when you have obviously seen very few. Now that you have made your own ignorance and arrogance all too obvious, I hope that your future posts are read by others, with that in mind.

Now that we have been informed that you have a DC horn, we could probably discuss the use of a relay to avoid burning the horn button contacts and wiring, but I am sure you are the only one who is smart enough to understand that so I will refrain.


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