Electrical probs. on QT50

Finally got the ol' 1983 QT50 from Dad over the Thanksgiving break. Been sitting for ump-teen years. Seems like some field mice thought that those wires were sphagetti. Most are chewed up, but can be fixed. From that, and my dumb-ass brother trying to "fix" it, well..... let your imagination flow.

Anyway, it's yellow. After researching, I don't think it's a QT50, read they only came out in blue and white, so it must be a Yamahopper. You can imagine the problems with it sitting so long, working those out, at least mechanically. Oh, I do have a red 1980 one that was tore up, by the same dumbass brother, that I brought back with me for parts.

Problem: electrical and gas tank. Gas tank is varnished, rusted, junked up, you name it, it's in the tank. Let it soak in gas, nothing. Sprayed carb cleaner in it, nothing. Suggestions????

Electrical: It's a 5 wire system. I connected my volt meter to it and the stator works, getting "something" out of the red/white, blue and some other wire. My problem is, I don't know whats what. There are no battery connections left on it. Is this like a car, black for ground and red for hot? Does anybody know the wiring color code? There are also two "black boxes" that wires go in. I ran the ohm meter through it, nothing. I was assuming they were fuses.

Anybody know anything? If you have a QT50, just go look. At this point, I'd appreciate anything. Can't find manuals either, anybody????


Oklahoma Scott. p.s. I am NOT an OSU football fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Electrical probs. on QT50

You brought your dumbass brother back for parts,hahahahahahaha

Re: Electrical probs. on QT50

If you send me a fax number I could send you a wiring diagram for this moped. Thanks Steve

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