1979 Honda NC-50


I have a 1979 Honda NC-50. I really didn't pay much for it, and was wondering how much they go for. Is there a demand for them??

Re: 1979 Honda NC-50

Leon Swarmer /

Like any ped, wide range,,,condition, location, mileage, title all come into play. Some places there aren't valued because they are no peds. If it is running well and legal it should be worth about $150.00

Re: 1979 Honda NC-50

-Unholysmokers - Chad Ferguson /

honda expresses can get upwards of 500 dollars on ebay when they are in really good condition. for some reason people really love them... maybe because they are what people had when they were younger and they remember or something?

Re: 1979 Honda NC-50

Andrew Smith /

If you like them they're great little bikes...very solid and smooth. Oil injection, bright headlilght, enclosed chain, comfortable seat...I love mine.

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