is 70cc worth the cash?

<HTML>I have a 1978 Puch Maxi that I just bought from a guy down my street who got it in a trade or something. Right now it is topping out at about 27mph on a hill. At 27 it starts making popping sounds. I am thinking that I might want to get one of the speed kits that I've seen around but I want to make sure that they are actually going to do something. What kind of speed would we be talking about? If you can help me I would really appreciate it.

Another thing... Maybe it is just my town, but I get made fun of a lot. Is this just something I should get used to,or is there a better world waiting for people like me out there?</HTML>

RE: is 70cc worth the cash?

<HTML>Speed kits will make you faster, much faster n most cases, you should probably be able to hit 40 -45 with a kit, i have seen them be nothing but problems for friends of mine though. they are kind of tricky to get the gas oil mix right. i know of two people who trashed thier engines... you probably should just get used to getting picked on, for some people both hate and love the moped.


RE: is 70cc worth the cash?

Reeperette /

<HTML>One thing i always found effective in deterring those who think a 'ped is amusing.

Now, don't try this yourself unless you are willing to put it back together if they wreck it (some can, some can'

Get them to ride it (rag on their 'manliness' - this usually works) down to some store about 3-5 miles away to get some small item from a local store, candy, cigarrettes, doesn't really matter, and make sure they cross through or over some area that is relatively difficult to handle on a 'ped.

Not a one who's ever done that has ever made fun of mine again.


RE: is 70cc worth the cash?


RE: is 70cc worth the cash?

Hey paul.

If your crankshaft bearings is ok and you find the right oil mix about 3-4% i think and the speed kit is brand new or 100% ok there should be absolutely no truoble. If you by a brand new kit you will have to drive slowly and nice the first 350 km, because if you dont kiss you speed kit goodbye.

But remember this thing if anyoine teels you to do something drastic get a second opinnion

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