Puch Magnum Wheel Bearings (MAGS)


I have a 79 magnum mkII. Recently, the rear wheel has developed some serious wobble. I took it apart and found that the bearings were all SHAVED right in HALF!!! I bet if i rode it a little bit more it would have locked on me.

Anyone know where to get these bearings, its for a Grimeca mag. Also, i think that me putting the wheel togehter wrong caused it. Anyone know of a diagram or something which tells me the correct order?

Thanks in Advance!!

P.S, any one have a set of side covers for this magnum?

Re: Puch Magnum Wheel Bearings (MAGS)

www.mopedwarehouse or Mopedsonline will probably fix you up.I had just one ball bearing split one time and it caused serious jerking at road speed.You say ALL yours split?WOW! You narrowly avoided catastrophy my friend.

Re: Puch Magnum Wheel Bearings (MAGS)

Thanks don!

Re: Puch Magnum Wheel Bearings (MAGS)

Sure,Ant! That's what we're here for!

Re: Puch Magnum Wheel Bearings (MAGS)

Also, does anyone know where to get a set of sidecovers for the magnum, I got mine repainted at a body shop, it looks sharp but the wires and carb all stick out!


Re: Puch Magnum Wheel Bearings (MAGS)

Call 408-255-7113 and ask Zippy.If he doesn't have them he'll probably know where to find them.

Re: Puch Magnum Wheel Bearings (MAGS)

Crisis--cincinnati /

Ant, check with Ike. He posts on here a lot these days. That dude, has a boat load of Puch parts! And his prices are pretty good too.


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