puch bogging

<HTML>whenever i give the moped gas, it bogs down. ive played with the mixture, and im not sure if thats the problem. i heard that the spark might be the problem. whats the right plug for a 1980 puch? what else might cause this problem?</HTML>

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Ryan Price /

<HTML>I cant stress this enough. Clean out the carb, tank and line. Your fuel system is clogged. When I got my two puch maxi II mopeds, they had been sitting since 1987, and I had to tear everything apart including the carbs. They were SOO crudded up, I was suprised one even ran. Use carb cleaner, and be careful when you take the bowl off of the body there is a gasket there. Also - nake certain you take the fuel line inlet off of the carb and clean that really well too. It gets very gunked up.


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<HTML>i had already cleaned out the carb, so that wasnt the problem. But when i took the fuel valve off, there were a lot of little bits of rust in it. so i emptied the tank, turned the moped upside down, and squirted water through the hole where the fuel valve screws on. well, to my surprise, i had about 2 shot glasses of rust chunks come pouring out. it took me about an hour to totally clean it out. after that, it ran a hell of a lot better. i took some tape, and restricted the airflow into the carb. it quickly got rid of the bogging. i can get the puch up to about 27 mph on flat ground now.</HTML>

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<HTML>I want to comment on the tape on the carb, you really should calibrate the carb, that way your puch will run much better.

If you need to tape up the airinlet of th carb, the mixture is getting too much air, the propper way to solve this is to instaal a larger jet in the carb.

Open up the carb and check the size of the jet, it's stamped into the jet. I expect it will be something between 35 and 50. You should buy a couple of jets that are slightly bigger and try them all out. The jet that colors the sparkplug coffee-brownish (no milk) is the right one. If the mix is too lean (too much air) the color of the sparkplug is much lighter and the electrodes of the plug could even melt away. A mixture that's too lean could also destroy the piston because an engine with a lean mix runs much hotter. If the mix is too rich the plug will be blackened and covered is carbon deposits, in this case you need a smaller jet. You should clean the sparkplug before trying a different jet because the deposits on the plug will mak the ped run even worse, be sure not to damage the porcelein of the plug and not to ebnd the electrodes. When you've found the right size jet you should replace the sparkplug for a new one.

A jet costs about $2, a sparkplug about $4 or $5.</HTML>

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Reeperette /

<HTML>You might also consider changing out the Piston Rings at this time.


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After you clean everything and it is running fairly well you may want to try removing the inlet pipe on the air cleaner. I increased my top speed from 23 mph to 29 mph just by removing this little plastic pipe. What others have said about controlling the air flow through the carburator is certainly true. I played around with a 3/4' hose about three foot long connected to the carburator inlet and clamped it closed for optimum performance. There is a definite need for inlet resistance. However, I could do no better than the 29mph I got by removing the inlet pipe.


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This prob could be associated with the float on the inside of the carb....check it to see if it is free and clean all the carb jets...your prob sounds similar to one i have faced

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i used to have the same problem with my 1979 sachs and i had my exaust cleaned and that seemed to solve the problem with it

RE: puch bogging

just cleand my carburator inlet filter. solved the problem.

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