Beautiful weather we had.Unbelievable!

Regretfully I'm back to work for 2 more nights after tonight.I am hooked on mopeding for pleasure.I know a lot of you choose to use your `peds for necessary transportation,and I'm sure you enjoy it.I guess I'm getting spoiled because of using my `peds for relaxation and exploration of new routes.The last week here in Ohio was so gorgeous that I took 3 trips,different days.The temps were in the high 60s the first day and then low to mid 70s the second and third trips.Totalled 300 miles and enjoyed it to the hilt.One trip was 150 mi.and I was into West Virginia for about 25 mi.of it.I'm gonna have the rings wore off that Franco-Morini pretty soon!It's turning colder a little now and we had some rain yesterday,but my riding was done.I hope everyone is stopping to `smell the roses' a little and having fun on their `peds as weather permits.I know this weather will end shortly and the temps will plummet.

Re: Beautiful weather we had.Unbelievable!

lol, your so right don. its been unreal here in n.y. also. been riding my puch like crazy. :) i was getting silly thinking it would last. its gonna change real fast. enjoy it while you can...........

Re: Beautiful weather we had.Unbelievable!

Portland Maine, 70 degrees on Thursday

Maybe it is because of all the mopeds Todd Fergeson is lighting on fire?

Re: Beautiful weather we had.Unbelievable!

don! i fully mirror your sentiments about the Ohio weather the last few days... it has been beautiful and i have enjoyed my rides as well.. now she's not running, but im working on it... at least it stopped AFTER the stint of nice weather... =]

swarmin' & destroyin'


Re: welcome back Beav

its 70 out now at noon I just got off the scoot but we are 12 inches under normal rainfall and hoping for some, sounds like you had a neato keen time Don hahaha

Re: welcome back Beav

Hey guys! Glad you had good weather.Especially Wayne way up there in Maine.70 in Maine,in December!WOW! I can't remember it being this mild since about 1970 in this area.That year or thereabouts was so mild it seemed it hardly snowed or sleeted at all.This weather is `way out',man !! Ha!


lol todd likes gas and matches.

Re: welcome back Beav

Wow and I thought I was really riding when I put over 150 miles on. Way to go Don!


Re: welcome back Beav

Yeah,Dave,it was great!My problem is I want to stop everywhere and in these winter days,with this accursed `daylight shortening time',I can't dawdle around and look off every bridge and pull into every park I see. I know that Sebring's gonna let me down one of these days though.It's the only one I have the windshield on now or I'd probably run the other Sebring a little.Got my cell phone just in case.I try not to go over 50 miles radius away from home so Linda won't have to drive the big F-250 too far to rescue me.I really think that long trips make a `ped more apt to shrug off carb.and exhaust problems than short trips.Keep peddin' man!

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