98 octane for Tomos Targa WTF?!?

. . . straight from the matinance manual. . . .

Fuel tank and fuel fuel: 4l (1 gallon), reserve 0,5l (1 pint) - 98 oct. gas premix gas and 2-stroke. . . .. .

I always used 87 octane (the cheap stuff). . .what do you use? and Is the mannual right, should I fill it up with Sunoco 94 (since there is no 98 octane around here)?

a confused pedder


PS: i have a 2001 Tomos Targa (LX)

Re: 98 octane for Tomos Targa WTF?!?

This is going to be a hot thread, I can tell already


Re: 98 octane for Tomos Targa WTF?!?

Wisky,if you bought that `ped new this is a good question for your dealer.It's probably a misprint because other than race cars,hi-performance vehicles, and airplanes,most anything will run on 92 octane or lower.Heck,my Hi-po 460 c.i.d. Ford with 11:1 compression ratio will run grudgingly on 92 octane.Mopeds have oil mixed into their gas which lowers the odds of predetonation(not to be confused with predestination.Ha!)so I couldn't imagine the Tomos needing that high an octane.

Re: 98 octane for Tomos Targa WTF?!?

Reeperette /

Prolly either a mistranslation, or screwup in translation from Euro Octane ratings, or just a misprint.

Tomos will run on 87-94 Octane without one whit of difference in performance.

US Fuel, it doesn't matter Octane so much as I would try to steer clear of gasolines with a high detergent ingrediant content, as they might not fully vaporise and could leave more carbon behind.

Actually, as far as my imperfect understanding...the higher Octane rating of a fuel, the more flammable/pure/whatever it is, so logically it would burn cooler and then you risk not vaporising the mixture thoroughly and again...more carbon.

Bah, humbag...just use 87 Octane gas and regular two stroke oil and Fugedaboutit.


Re: 98 octane for Tomos Targa WTF?!?

I thought it was a misprint, concidering the manual has MANY mistakes. Careless typos, commas where periods should be, etc etc.

And I don't use high grade octane for the simple reason that I don't want more carbon build-up. But after reading the manual, i felt a sting in my chest thinking; have i been feeding my baby the wrong gas? But it didn't make any sence, because 94 is the only regularly sold gas I see out there (besides race fuel).

on a side note: my tomos has been holdin up EXCELENTLY! 5000 on the speedometer, daily driver, hot or cold, starts right away, never changed tires, spark plug changed at 300, and is still running strong. . im really impressed with my bike :-D

Re: 98 octane for Tomos Targa WTF?!?

Great! Glad you like your ride,Wisky!

Re: 98 octane for Tomos Targa WTF?!?

actually where tomos is made they use 98 octaane gas, i used to live there, they have 93, 95, 98, 101 octane gas.

Re: 98 octane for Tomos Targa WTF?!?

actually in slovenia where tomos is made they use 98 octaane gas, i used to live there, they have 93, 95, 98, 101 octane gas.

Re: 98 octane for Tomos Targa WTF?!?

I believe they use the Research Octane Number(RON) method for rating overseas and it is not used in the U.S..We use RON + MON divided by 2,and since our MON is considerably a lower number measured by applying stress to an engine(sustained highway speeds,acceleration,etc.)it makes our octane rating for gasoline read much lower.They also still use some leaded gas in foreign countries,even Britain,which tends to raise the octane number.From what I've seen,our 87 octane equals the octane of 91 or more in some foreign countries.

Re: 98 octane for Tomos Targa WTF?!?

Actually,from what I've been reading,it looks like our 87 octane would translate to at least a 95 octane in Britain.Lot `o good stuff on the net!

Re: 98 octane for Tomos Targa WTF?!?

Ron Brown /

Wayne, you were right.

Don, so are you.

Ree, so are you.

My 1971 BMW /5 manual recommends 99 (ROZ) for all models except the 50/5 which they say will run on "regular" or 92 (ROZ). (and we all know BMW has good translators)

From this I would guess that 99 is premium and 92 is regular. I have a hard time believing that a stock ped requires premium. It may just be a case of trying to avoid poor quality gas by going for higher octane. If you can't notice any difference in engine performance or temperature, I would use regular.


Re: 98 octane for Tomos Targa WTF?!?

ok so none for a regular ped..... but should i use it for my 70cc bore kit. it has all the h.p. junk on it and i run 100 synthetic in it. since the kit has alot more compresion then the regualer stock cyl. should i use 92 oct.? i hear some detonation from inside the cylinder when going high speed with no or little throttle(im slowing down using engine compression and i hear a sharp BAM every couple seconds)


Re: 98 octane for Tomos Targa WTF?!?

Mike.Are you saying you run a 100:1 mix or that's the bragging capability of the synthetic?I would NEVER run a 100:1 mix no matter what they brag.Make sure your oil injection is putting way more than that in there.(if you have oil injection)WHY! Why do that and take a chance on ruining your 70cc kit.I went to Amsoil site and dug deep into their language and found that they only recommend a certain type oil UNDER MODERATE conditions for that ratio.I believe they say under severe conditions drop it between 1:60 and 1:80.Now I ask you:If I put my 70 lb.son and 35lbs.supplies and my 230 lbs.on a single-speed Sebring and hit a hill doing 30mph and grind up it at 15mph or less,am I just treating that motor moderately or is it under SEVERE conditions.I say the latter.Do not believe the people who tell you 100:1 is as good as 45:1.It just isn't.You know,I asked an Amsoil proponent and re-seller why he would do that and I showed him that caviat about certain oil and certain conditions,and all he could do was shrug his shoulders.Think HE cares about your `ped?Take care of that `ped Mike.Engines love to be oiled.

Re: 98 octane for Tomos Targa WTF?!?

i run 100% synthetic oil... not 100/1...calm ur self

Re: 98 octane for Tomos Targa WTF?!?

Okay,Mike! I'm calm.But I might not be the only one that thought you meant 100:1 mix.A Tomos dealer in NJ actually recommended this ratio to a customer,and he wrote that he blew his motor in no time.So don't think I was telling you the AMSOIL story for no reason.This is a big-time lie being told to innocent kids that don't know a thing about lubrication.

Re: 98 octane for Tomos Targa WTF?!?

the comma in the place of a period is probabily just because that is the european style for a decimal point. When i first got my puch i was confused because it says 1,5 HP on the side. I dont know why they use commas instead, its wierd

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