will drilling holes............

<HTML>My friend told me that if i drill holes in the covor of my air filter i can increase the speed of my Honda 84 spree. Is that true??</HTML>

RE: will drilling holes............

<HTML>I don't know the airfilter housing of the sprre, but if te airhole is very small then drilling extra holes will help. If the airhole is large enough to fit two or three fingers through it then drilling extra holes wont help. Be sure no air can get past the airfilter, only through.</HTML>

RE: will drilling holes............

<HTML>well is the moped running rich? if the spark plug shows a good burn then drilling holes will slow down the moped. the holes will caus ehte engine to suck more air and it will run lean and you could fry your piston.</HTML>

RE: will drilling holes............

<HTML>Yes, ofcourse the carburation will change when you drill holes in the airfilterhousing. And so you should always recalibrate the carburettor when you change anything about the airfilter, carburettor, cylinder or exhaust. With bigger holes and a correctly calibrated carb the moped will go faster than with small holes and a correctly calibrated carb.

Power outage is all about the ease of the airflow, a bigger hole in the airfilter housing will increase the airflow capacity. Other things that increase the airflow are a bigger carb, bigger ports and an exhaust with a larger diameter.

Calibrating the carburettor is all about the right jetsize. A jet costs about $2 so it's no big deal.

My advise is to drill bigger holes in the airfilter housing, run the engin for a bit but don't let it get too hot. Look at the color of the sparkplug, it should be coffee-brownish (no milk). If the color of the plug is too light the mixture is too lean and you need to install a bigger jet. If the color is too dark the mixture is too rich and you need to install a smaller jet. The jetsize is stamped into the jet (not always readable) and can be anything between 30 and 90. The standard size for the Vespa Ciao and Piaggio is 38, but most mopeds need a 42, my ciao needs a 47 to run good so there's no telling wich jet is the one you need, you'll have to find out by looking at the sparkplug.</HTML>

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