jammed puch carburator

<HTML>have a puch carburator that seems to be jammed. the sleeve the

should be moving up and down that allows the air into the

carburator isnt moving. i cant seem to get the inside of the

carburator apart. please help!</HTML>

RE: jammed puch carburator

<HTML>You cant get the inside of a carb loose, it's made out of one piece. You can take the following parts off of it:

- The gaschamber

- The jet(s)

- The throttlestopscrew and airscrew (if that carb has an airscrew)

- The throttleslide (wich is jammed in your carb)

Normally if you want to take out the throttleslide you unscrew the top of the carb and simply pull out the throttleslide. On some carbs the slide will be jammed if the choke is on.</HTML>

RE: jammed puch carburator

After a ten year storage, I had a stuck carburator. Remove the carburator and soak in carburator cleaner. Remove the screw from the top cover. Using a hard plastic or wooden tip and operating through the inlet side of the carburator, pry the cylinder loose. You may be able to loosen it by just removing the air cleaner, spraying in the cleaner while jiggling the accelerator. I had to disassemble mine completely since it was coated with a kind of varnish. This varnish often builds up in two cycle engines. I recommend a complete disassembly and thorough cleaning.

What is the year and model of your Puch. I am looking for an operators manual and a service manual for my 1980 Puch "Newport II"

Good luck, Ken

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