Hey gang... sorry for the rude post I made the other night after being totaly wrong... I'm sorry for the post and even sorry for being a dick.

I am happy though to tell you all that tonight I heard the puegoet run. I am about to flip the heck out... Instead of taking and buying a new boil and all I pulled the attached wire off and then went and pulled the huge 10 mm racing wire that goes to the coil off my grand torino cobra jet. I cut the end off and stuck it best I could into the coil and over the little neddle in it. A few strands of electrical tape...

then I took off the head.. woah.. alot of carbon... i scraped and ran about half a tin of paint thinner.. (all out of carb cleaner and didn't feel like going to the shop.)

man I was surpriced the cylinder walls were clean nos cuff nuttin.. the rings looked great too looking though the gas inlet tube.

I poured some thined in it one last time down the gas tube just to clean some shit out.. thinking.. blah.. ill mess with it tommorrow.. I put the head back on somewhat just to not loose parts.. didn't even have the plug all the way tight and my girlfreind joklingly said I wonder what it sounds like with the gas tube off.. I said blah I dunno... I jumped on not even 1/4 turn of the pedel and VArooooom

pop pop...

i was like holy shit.. not even thinking about the paint thinner in it.. we poured some more in and did it a few times.

Now this is my delima..... was it the gas that was messed up? possibly so since i did use thinner without the carberator to start it.. or

was it like i suspected spark. inwhich the new huge spark plug wire fixed..

Stay tunned folks! :0)


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