I hope you don't mind Ree

But I've been working on your Tomos a bit... I modified it a little (I hope you don't mind?)... painted it too and all.... and... now... you can even mow the grass with it !!

<IMG src="http://dspace.dial.pipex.com/town/square/gf86/images/british_anzani_lawnrider_1960_-_2.jpg">;

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Re: I hope you don't mind Ree

Reeperette /


That blade's awful small tho...think we could mount one off an old McCormick Combine instead ? that'd be fun....

Seriously, tho, how's it go ?


Re: I hope you don't mind Ree

Ron Brown /

...and if you add a directional shute, snow will be no problem...

Re: I hope you don't mind Ree

Jamie Leonard /

Ok I admit ree, we DO inspire you to all the wrong thinking patterns ;)

Moped carmageddon... yeesh! :)

Re: I hope you don't mind Ree

if you're curious.. that photo is from the British Lawnmower Museum.


There are a few others in there... It is pretty shocking to see the differences in modern products .. with regards to safety.

Ree... haven't touched it...yet

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