need pedals

<HTML>i need so help on my jawa, the pedals on it are getting bad the left one is missing and it is striped. The right one is falling apart. if anyone know's where i can get a new pedal set up or anything it will be helpful!


Scott </HTML>

RE: need pedals

<HTML>you should be able to use standard sized bike pedals from any bicycle store. you might need to experiment with the sizes offered but i know that at least for tomos mopeds you can get replacements at regular stores.

jawas might be different but i'm not sure</HTML>

RE: need pedals


The pedals for most mopeds are 14mm and they're usually a bitch to find in bike shops. Sometimes a half inch bicycle pedal will fit if not try

Good Luck,


RE: need pedals

<HTML>I don't mean to be insulting, but what kind of mopedstores do you have in the states? There are 5 mopedstores within 15 minutes riding from where I live in Holland and I can get every part for any moped that I could want, 90% of the parts straight out of stock. I don't know what's wrong with American mopedstores, but if they can't even get you some pedals ...

Well, I'd better stop before I insult someone.

Just go into a random mopedstore and ask for pedals, if they don't have them they'll probably redirect you to the store that does have them.</HTML>

RE: need pedals

<HTML>the problem is that there aren't any real moped stores here anymore. you do not know how lucky you are, or how important it is to us to build a community to help one another. mostly because you can't just walk up the street and expect to get moped parts. we had one of those stores left in my city, but it just closed, hence my bitterness.</HTML>

RE: need pedals

<HTML>Man, I feel sorry for you guys!

I got hit by a car last week (I'm ok) and my moped has about $700 damage. The worst were bent front forks and even though my moped is 26 years old and Honda hasn't made them anymore in the last 22 years, all the parts I need are no problem!

I think maybe Holland is moped-heaven.</HTML>

RE: need pedals

<HTML>hey sounds nice, to get parts like nothing, wish it was that way in the US.




RE: need pedals-HEY IVO

<HTML> About the peddles,a bicycle store can help you with some models....IVO, with your moped knowledge, you should come to the USA and open a shop...It would be nice to walk into a store and get the parts....there is 100,000 people here in Roanoke, VA. and 1 motorcycle shop that sell ANY moped parts, they don`t care if they wait on you or not, and the prices-WOW! I ordered 2 tires (2-16) from NEW JERSEY, took a week to get, Have a friend UTAH with 2 peds and I order parts for him....come on over, we buy from you!</HTML>

RE: We do have Handybikes

<HTML>Doug, check out

Handy bikes is a great place...the web site is basiclly a phone number, but they have a LOT of stuff. BJ is a great guy and knows his stuff. they are open till 6 on week days.

and they use dealer part numbers....IE i called up and asked for CEV #4134 (or what ever it was) and he looked it up and sent it to me.

i am in Kalamazoo, MI and i got it in one day. and their prices are good.

the coil that i ordered sold new in 1977 for $15 and i got a refurbed one for $17 +shipping, not to bad. :)


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