tomos tires...what to buy?

What tires are good for the targa lx..i was looking at the pseudo super bike tires that are smooth and rounded...are these the best to get...Or should i get something with some knobbies..

Re: tomos tires...what to buy?

Reeperette /

Hands-down...the choice is clear, buy Cheng Shin.

(Imported to the US via Maxxis Tire&Rubber)

In my 15+ years of riding experience no other tire comes close.

There's a certain tread design I personally favor, but any Cheng Shin tire offers performance beyond the norm, and anything beats those half-slick stock tires it comes with.

You also wanna go to Walmart and buy a set of BELL Self-Sealing tubes, buy them 1"-2" oversize (17" or 18") which gives you a bit more rubber and makes them easier to install....that configuration is very nearly immune to pinholes leaks and/or flats.


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