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<HTML>I can't find any information on the internet about a moped I just bought (for $12!) called a Baretta. Does anyone know the manufacturer, or have an idea how I can get information, so I can fix it up and ride into the sunset?

Also, my friend bought a rather mossy Piaggio Vespa Ciao. Info on it would also be appreciated.


RE: help--can't find info


i think your friend got a better for vespa mopeds are still around

or so i thought.....vespa parts are available from vespa super shop in san diego

although i just tried to call and their phone was disconnected, i hope they are stil

in business because i have 4 vespa mopeds

i have never heard of a beretta but don*t be too worried.........there should be a

nameplate on the engine somewhere, is it a minarelli engine????

also on the steering stem should be a manufacturers plate

hope your beretta runs</HTML>

RE: help--can't find info

<HTML>Vespa parts are everywhere, just walk into a random mopedstore and you can get anything from a gasketsets to exhausts to crankshaft-assemblies to carburettors.</HTML>

RE: help--can't find info

You might have misspelled the name. There was a Czech moped called Babetta which was made by Jawa factory. The Vespa engines were used on them. Anyway, there is got to be a nameplate somewhere on the bike, so try to look for it on the front fork stem.

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