moped sputters out

<HTML>hello again. i just got my ped back with the old 49 cc engine installed into it. problem is it stalls out unless it has a constant full throttle on. it runs and stays running with the choke on but as soon as the choke clicks off the ped sputters out without full on gas. i was playing with the idle adjustment screw but couldn't figure it out. any suggestions on how to get this fixed? </HTML>

RE: moped sputters out

Ryan Price /

<HTML>Did you check your fuel flow to the carb!? Also you might want to make certain you dont have a faulty or stuck float. What milimeter size is your carb and is it stock?</HTML>

RE: moped sputters out

<HTML>Your carburetor is almost certainly clogged and dirty inside...and needs to be taken apart and cleaned...and guess what?...this also probably caused the two 'seizures' you had when you tried to use those 2 big bore piston kits...a dirty and clogged carburetor causes a lean mixture condition (not enough gas)... a lean mixture means more heat...which causes your piston to expand (get bigger) and seize in the bore... you could probably salvage some of those seized parts...and still have yourself a big bore moped...but it has to be done RIGHT...or try to sell the big bore parts, just tell people they were seized. </HTML>

RE: moped sputters out

<HTML>As far as getting the carb. cleaned, you could take it off and take it to your moped dealer and ask him to clean it ...or you could try to clean it will need some small tools (screwdrivers and wrenches) and its best to have a can of spray carb cleaner and a compressor with a nozzle to blow air into the air and fuel passages...but you must be careful...don't bend or break parts!...don't lose parts!...take it all apart and remove the small brass parts...these brass parts have small holes that are supposed to flow fuel thru them...they are what is will have to clean them out...take a wire brush...and pluck one of the wires out with a pair of pliers...use this to clean out the brass pieces...don't use a drill.!! another message if you need more help...Fred</HTML>

RE: moped sputters out

WATCH OUT !!! The brass parts Fred was talking about must NOT be cleaned with steel wire brush! Steel is harder than brass and it will scratch the inner surface of jets thus impairing the carb performance. Use nylon strings or something like that instead. Or else you could just purge the channels and jets with compressed air or your tyre pump.

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