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chuck russo (VA) /

well my parents are lending me money to fix my ped and i wanted to port the cylinder head when i get the new one. my dad is a car mechanic and i was wondering if i could just use his porting tools for my ped? and should i just make the exhuast port a lil bigger? or just smooth the roughness out it.

oh yeah this is going to be done on a 87 tomos top tank

Re: port work

Porting is an art and should not be approached unless you know what you are doing.

You particular make may have porting configurations that have already been proven by others. Also keep in mind that porting affects the overall performance of a two stroke. Sometimes not for the better. Any change of the size or shape of a port on a two stroke will have some effect, and if it is the wrong one, you can'r put that ground off metal back.

If you want to port your cylinder, pay the bucks to have a pro do it. That way if they screw up, you have recourse.


Re: port work

If your just porting for a small gain and to polish and shine it up then go for it.

You can get a small drimmel or an actualy buzz wheel and just put on a fine buffing pad that will just smooth out things rather then hone or shave anything.

If your a little affriad of using air tools on your first go.. try some emery cloth and say wd40 or pb blaster. Also you can get a really good seal by getting some valve surfacing compound.... just put a little on the tip of a valve.. then on the other side hook the valve stem to a drill and very slowly and carfully seat the valve while it is spinning.. the valve compound will help "sand" the valve groove and fit it a little better then orignal.

I don't think "opening" the exhuast port up much will help .... id just try to get the valves seating a little better.

Also if you ever are re doing and old aliminum head.. the best way to do it.. is to have a belt sander with 500 to 1000 grit paper on it. That way you know your doing the whole head at the same time and not going deeper in any areas. I love to re-surface, port and polish heads.. I dunno why.. I do a ton at school... just use your head ... go slow and remember a little does a lot... and you dont want to over do it. It's nice to have a dad that works on cars.. hehe... he should be able to help you while your doing.. (when it counts the most)

Gee... too bad 2 strokes don't have valves

right duck ?

Re: port work

this was a fake bogus post and so the answer

Re: Gee... too bad 2 strokes don't have valves

Come on fred. why would you even want to port a brand new engine. the engine is matched and precision bored before its released from the manufactuerer.

Sorry for poking a little fun by being sarcastic and such.. my bad.

Didn't mean to get flamed over it.

i was hopeing he would ask his dad.. hehe..

Re: Gee... too bad 2 strokes don't have valves

I guess you have no idea how significant porting is to a 2 stroke.

It is the same thing as putting a different cam in a 4 stroke.

There are too many bad answers and confusion on the internet as it is.

If you don't know what you are talking about... you shouldn't try to give answers.

Same as your answer about putting a belt sander in a vise to surface the head or cylinder.... that is bad advice... and the guy who said to use a piece of glass and wet and dry sandpaper was right... you were wrong.

Re: port work

wtf who is typid and posting as me?

Re: Gee... too bad 2 strokes don't have valves

quack quack.. I need a match and a gas can!

Re: Gee... too bad 2 strokes don't have valves

Matt Wilson /


Go to http://www.macdizzy.com/2stroke.htm and click on the engine porting. It should show that porting is not a trivial process. I consider myself a pretty mechanically inclined person and I am studying to be an mechanical engineer and I have no idea what this guy is doing?

Check it out, I've never done it before but this website would be a good place to start.


Re: Gee... too bad 2 strokes don't have valves

Matt Wilson /

Hey Duck,

It sure looks like its just you, and not some imposter. Your IP addresses have been the same for each post in this forum. Don't give bad advice and blame it on someone else.

Re: Gee... too bad 2 strokes don't have valves

Its getting ugly! Chuck, just smooth out the casting slag in the exhaust.... go at it guys! Doug

Re: Gee... too bad 2 strokes don't have valves

Actualy it was me and my girlfreind fucking around some and yes I did post wrong...

Sorry.. im used to working on four strokes. It wasn't bad information.. just wrong information. and who the fuck are you to jump on my ass anyways. I fucked up, it happens... the damn post always leaves an ip and if you think I was being serious about it being someone else I feel sorry for ya.

oh and you get the asshole award and a big fat


Re: port work

red stick goes boom

Re: port work

yeah matt Fa'Que just like the other duck said LoL.... dumbass

Re: Gee... too bad 2 strokes don't have valves

chuck russo (VA) /

well i am just going to smoith out the casting roughness on the exhuast and the intake and polish it up a lil bit. well i got to pack up the last of my stuff cuz i am moving tomarrow

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