tomos targa lx front forks

I haven't driven my targa lx cause of snow and i haven't gotten gas yet..but sitting on it in my room the front end doesn't move down. By leaning all the way forward and pushing i still can't get the forks to move down....Are the forks jacked or am i just a fool?

Re: tomos targa lx front forks

Jamie Leonard /

Try pulling UP on the handlebars with your foot on the wheel - I've had my front suspension lock in the bottom position when I hit a particularly bad pothole, perhaps yours is also gotten jammed a bit... doesn't take much to pull it out if it happens and it usually takes a fair jolt to do it (A huge pothole I couldn't avoid did it to me)

Re: tomos targa lx front forks

ok...i tried that and it came i was like...alright that works.

but then i leaned on it and it went down and didn't come back i have to grease it up or something?? These are coil shocks right?

btw...i drove it tonight and it kicks started on one have kick in 40 degree weather.

Re: tomos targa lx front forks

Chad, Same problem here, I removed my front wheel, and fender bolts... the lower legs will screw off, clean them up and re-grease the spring and inside of legs, use waterproof grease if possable, Screw back on lining up so wheel will fit. Doug

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