Reflex Tester

gimmyjimmy /

here's a site that measures your reflexes, i know it doesn't have any thing to do with peds, but call it a "panic stop" test.

My best is .27sec., I guess that is slow, so I'll have another coffee.

Re: Reflex Tester

Reeperette /

0.22 Seconds - Consistently.

I'm of the opinion that most longtime moped riders (those still alive, that is...darwinism applies) have FAR faster reflexes for such things than cagepushers.

Anyone wanna bait some cagepushers to this site so we can test that theory.

(And test my other theory too, that they'll see our times and lie about theirs.)


Re: Reflex Tester

Gimmy-- Thanks for that link--- it's Driving me crazy.

Ree--- You're getting .22 wow--- I'm hitting 3.1, 3.2 a few 3.0's

Do different colors improve your reaction time at all? I'm trying to see if it affects me.

has anyone else here tried this??

Re: Reflex Tester

i got .213

You guys aren't "cheating" enough





Remember... there are no rules... right ??

Take advantage of every possibility.

Re: Reflex Tester

gimmyjimmy /

you guys must damn good at video games, or is it channel surfing. :{)

Re: Reflex Tester

Naw...I suck at reflex games... one key izzzzzz... push the STOP button down... and wait for the color to change.. then release the button.. that'll get you a tenth... or a half a tenth.

Hey!... there are no rules !

Re: Reflex Tester

.27, .33, 1.04, .33, .33, .27 lol :)

Video Games.

Reeperette /

Kiddo, I was raised on Channel F and the Atari 2600 - I been playin longer than mosta my opponents been alive....although I seem to be running short of opponents lately...heh, no one wants to get mauled anymore.

<--Can't WAIT for PS2 to have internet-based multiplayer......

GT3 A-Spec, anyone ?


Re: Video Games.

So I am not the only one on here old enough to have bought an atari new!! lol

I thought maybe I was.

I was gettting .27s and .28 untill I tried holding stop down and releasing when it changed I got a couple .22s that way but nothing better than that.


Re: Video Games.

I got a .22 and a 0. It alternates every 3 colors or so. If you wait about every 3 or so and hit stop as soon as you hit start it works. My lowest without cheating was about .12. I grew up on nintendo and the first version atari's with the number pad controllers. I have a playstation now. To cheap to buy PS2. Wouldn't mind getting an X-Box after the christmas rush dies down though.

Re: Reflex Tester

My average WITHOUT coffee is around .27 secs.(Not good)But then I never was really quick with the hands.Too big and stubby in the fingers,you know?

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