Question about Keys

I recently got a 99 Targa LX, and I lost my gas tank key :(

Is there anything I can do to replace this, or anything?

Re: Question about Keys

Ron Brown /

Have you tried a dealer?

Re: Question about Keys

todd furgeson /

just light it on fire, thats what the dealers gonna say

-todd furgeson

Reverse Darwinism (Todd)

Todd illustrates a problem with Evolution, Darwinism, and Society.

Creatures that were poorly equipped would die out, according to Darwin. . Only the strong and adapted will survive. This is great in the 'natural world', where nature is harsh, and unforgiving.

The problem is, that Darwinism has horrible repercussions in a "Society". Society doesn't require that the "Unadapted" get sorted out.

Survival of the "Fittest" now means that the creatures who can breed the fastest, the youngest and the most frequently will dominate the gene pool.

It isn't the educated, professional couple with one child that I worry about. It's the inner city individuals who have 4 kids by the age of 17, by a father who is 16 years old. Like it or not, that is "Darwinism" in action.

The more kids you have, the earlier you have them, the more certain it is that your genes will "Live on" in your progeny.

Does it seem to anyone else that the "dumber" someone is, the more kids they tend to have? That's crazy, but sadly true.

So, we shouldn't blame Todd. we should blame his crack-head parents for having him.

The filter on the gene pool is broken; swim at your own risk.

Re: Reverse Darwinism (Todd)

In another post his URL has an NJ in it, He must must be shut in by inclement weather up there.

I'm going to have to de-winterize my mopeds. This weekend it will be in the mid-70's. But the it's not all paradise here. Overnite temps could go to the low 40's.

Sorry Todd. Hope you can go out and play soon.


Re: Reverse Darwinism (Todd)

i didn't know crack-head was hyphenated. Learn something new everyday.

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