General 5-star moped

Does any one have info. on a General 5-star moped? Are there any places to get parts or a manual? Any thing would be a help.

Thanks, Andrew

Re: General 5-star moped

Use the "Search" function here with the words "General 5 Star" to see what has been posted on them.

Re: General 5-star moped

There's a link to the search Jim mentioned-- in case you're lazy ;)


Re: General 5-star moped

Thanks for all the help. I was afraid that I would not be able to find any parts if something broke.

Re: General 5-star moped

Check with they have about all brand moped parts, great machine work too. Doug D

Re: General 5-star moped

be sure you know what kind of engine is on your general. apparently they came w/ minarelli, morini, or sachs engines. you'll mostly need engine parts (or variants: carbs, mufflers depend on the engine). so even if you can't get a "general" manual, a manual for your engine is enough.

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