tail light not working.. but brake light is.. head

anouther wustion for my 1980 peugeot 102 sp

Are moped tail lights the same as auto tail lights.. meaning the tail light should be on with the switch and they get brighter with aplication of the brakes?

Right now my tail light only works with the brake circut closed.. I took the tail light cover off and saw two bulbs..

is this for 1 brake light and 1 running light .. or 1 for brake/ running light and one for maybe like licence plate?

Im just wondering becuase alot of people said you might not get the motor to run with a blown tail light.. well... I have no rear running light.. the only time it lights up is the the brake sqeased.

Also... I am using 12V bulbs in the headlight... I cannot find 6 volt.. but for some reason it is popping an aweful lot.. should I just get a bigger bulb?

And can I use a 12 double fillament bulb for the tail lights? thanks.

Re: tail light not working.. but brake light is..

okay even with a 6V bulb it pops as soon as you pedel the moped fast enough.

and the licence plate or bottom bulb in the tail light assembly doesn't light up even with a new bulb in it.

Re: tail light not working.. but brake light is..

Sounds like your moped is not wired properly. We are shooting in the dark but try this. Take it a step at a time.

Look at the back of the tail light where the wires go into the unit. You may have to remove the tail light assembly enough to get to the back of the tail light.

There are probably three wires. If there are three one of them should from a tail light terminal stub to ground. Make sure the ground wire is grounded on a bolt, fender or whatever it is grounded to. Make sure this connection is not corroded or rusted.

Now only deal with the other two wires. Swap them on the tail light terminal connectors.

leave teh tail light hanging or tape it in place with some good ole duct tape.

Now make sure everything is set like you were going to try to start the bike.

Pedal it and see if the proper tail light comes on or if the brake light comes on when you apply a brake lever.


The popping the head light problem

There are at least two coils inside the magneto, one for the high tension coil/spark plug the other coil is for the headlight/tail light/brake light/horn. There are at least two wires coming out of the engine originating from each of these coils.

Each wire from the engine connects into a wire harness, one wire harness going to the light circuits and the other wire harness to the ignition circuit (Hi Tension coil/spark plug). Sounds like these two engine wires may be plugged into the wrong wiring harness. This would cause too much voltage to go the head light circuit when you pedal it and thus blow out your headlight.

Try switching the two wires that come out of the engine with the two different wire harnesses and then try to start it with a known good headlight.

You really need to get a manual on your model Peugeot with a wiring diagram.

Some Peugeots have 5 coils in the magneto further complicating the wiring complexity, thus you need a wiring diagram.

Re: tail light not working.. but brake light is..

yes it is a 5 coil one.

Re: tail light not working.. but brake light is..

could the wireing being wrong make my headlight pop and casue the bike not to start.. maybe if they are crossed.. I dunno... I do not have a credit card and have no way to order the 25 dollar book for my moped.

I have a person that says she will send me one if inturn send her 5 bucks.. so im just waiting.. well ive actualy beenw aiting since the 3 day ive had the moped and it still hasn't arrived.

i swear first time i get a manual im scanning everypage and putting it online.

Re: tail light not working.. but brake light is..

Check to see if your rear running light is blown. On my moped the headlight and taillight are on one circuit so if one blows the other gets super bright and then shortly there after blows as well. That would explain both your no running light problem and your headlights burning out so quickly problem. In my opinion it

Re: tail light not working.. but brake light is..

get on icq now!!!

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