making a chopper moped

<HTML>How difficult is it to convert a moped into a chopper. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


RE: making a chopper moped

<HTML>Start with finding a long front-fork that you can use on your moped, dirt-bikes have good one's and they are hydraulic...</HTML>

RE: making a chopper moped

<HTML>It's not that hard, if you want to see some customized mopeds check out the photo's on my site! go to

I've got pictures of mopeds on my site that I made at a very large fourstroke-moped-event, the honda-day, more than 600 mopedriders were there. The site is in Dutch, but that wont be a problem because you'll understand that foto , this guy choppered up his ped bigtime, he built the rear suspension himself.</HTML>

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