ditsy hahahahaha

Im in my 40's and thought I heard it all, I even got kids to call Sears and see if a metric adjustable wrench was cheaper than a SAE version, But I laughed my *%& off when I saw the blinker fluid,,,, I guess ya gotta keep it filled ,lololol oh and dont forget to get some spare thrust washers, for the Carb hahaha

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A freind of mine asked why the cops and fire trucks turn their lights on all the time around here, I had to explain that they use a special blend of blinker fluid, and they have to keep it fresh. there is actually a blinkerfluid.com, and it has fancy computer renderings of the muffler bearing

Re: ditsy hahahahaha

Im still waiting to recieve my bolt strecher from napa

Re: ditsy hahahahaha

When I worked at Sears, I was in the auto shop for a while and we would get a lot of guys with stuff like that. Sometimes we would get a guy in that was really pissed because both tires on one side of their car went flat at the exact same time (glass or something but the customers would swear it was the tires even after we would show them that they were differant manuf dates). If it was pointless, we would tell them that the tire was just suffering from spontaniouse decompression and that any tire would just do that.

It ws funny to wait to see how long it took for them to figure it out. They had a blow out.


Re: ditsy hahahahaha

I had a friend who kept telling me that hot water is PUMPED into your house, from the "Central heating facility".

He got so mad, he called the POLICE to ask them-- even after I brought him to the cellar and showed him our hot water heater.

what a nut-- !

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