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I brought my two 5 Star General mopeds home this weekend on a trailer.

Normally, I keep them in a shed during the winter at my beachhouse, but this year, I wanted to have them close by to put a tune up and clean/shine for spring.

I got a pen & paper for a list of parts or needs, and I'm lookin' at them, and all I can think of is....a little adjustment here and there,...oil change.... maybe a new plug,....some wax...I'm thinking, damn,..I'm NOT puttin these peds away,

I'm gonna ride the winter. (cept ice)

hope to post a pic soon,


Re: fwinter

Crisis--Cincinnati /

5 star generals are SWEET!

Re: fwinter

gimmyjimmy /

I've had them for about 8 years now, a top tank and a step through.

They have the Minarelli v1 engines.

I got them at a garage sale for $50 each, my first peds.

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