What is it?!?!

I have recently aquired a moped that I fixed up, it is is exceptionally good shape but I am unaware of its origins, or if it worth anything. I am looking to sell it if it is worth anything. If it is not I will give it to my little cousins? If you have any info on this bike please let me know... It bears the name Strada on the side sticker, and beside that it has the company name International Inc.


Re: What is it?!?!

Not sure what kind of ped you have, sorry. Why not keep it for yourself? If you really dont want it, give it to your cousins. But a moped is pretty handy to have around if your car brakes down, or for quick trips to the store, and DAMN fun to go out and ride for riding sake!!!

Re: What is it?!?!

Maybe it is the moped Eric (a Strada) used before he went on CHPs

Re: What is it?!?!

looks to me like its an old motobecane. it looks of pre-1972. yeah i coulda told you that by just lookin at the seat. but i know for sure the motor is motobecane considering my friend has one. well lets see what anyone else has to say... why doesnt is have any stickers saying the make model and year? is the moped hot?(stolen)


Probably an old Babetta.

Reeperette /

That moped is based off a 1968 Batavus design layout.

It might well be a Jawa Babetta 210, which is as close as I can pin it down...and I only know that cause me and Fred restored an identical one for my ex.

Jawa, Trac, and Batavus use the same engine design, or did at the time that moped was built, so you have decent parts availability except for the Carb (which is an Encarwi).

As for Value, I suppose it has some, but it's dropped off the bottom of the BlueBooks and the average offer I've seen for them is around $200, which I consider to be mildly insulting cause the 'ped is a classic design and prolly worth more (tho you wont likely GET more).

I would keep it for myself, or at least in your family by giving it to yer cousins, because it really is a sweet piece of work and very simple to repair, not to mention being based off a classic and solid design.


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