New Moped Thread

I'm looking at 2002 models, and checking out a bunch of dealers who have web pages.

I'll post pictures of the mopeds I'm looking at--- I've seen some pretty cool machines....

I'm interested in the "Moped/Scooter" hybrids-- Scooter Engineering, but with Pedals as well.

Is a Scooter with Pedals a Moped?? Hmmmmm.

Anyway, if you're also looking for a new machine, or have a favorite machine, post a photo of it in this thread-- let us know why it's so cool--

I've been noticing a few mopeds with electric start, I thought only the Tomos Revival had that feature.....

I'm also researching web sites, to see whose got the best 'web presence' for moped sales and shipping.

Re :4 stroke w/pedals (photo)

Here's a weird little machine---


Turbosport (photo)

Here's a photo of a new Puch Turbosport--- wow a very nice machine. It has electric start too....

Again from the same dealer as the scooter hybrid in the previous post. They have a decent web-page and a pretty good selection of 50cc machines. it looks like they are doing only small engines and bike opposed to a motorcycle dealer who happens to sell a few mopeds.

Check 'em out---


Panda Scooter (photo)

I don't usually notice scooters, although some do have nice designs---

BUT, check out this picture--- this is one PHAT scooter---- I think it's a sweet design...



Re: Panda Scooter (photo)

this site has some pretty cool panda bikes--- really worth checking out. Some nice derbi scooters as well.

check out the panda trail attached to this post-- it's 70cc, but I think it's a nice machine. They do have a smaller version of it in a 50cc

Street legal--- looks like a lot of fun.


Re: Panda Scooter (photo)

Reeperette /

That is pretty nice, I really like the color too...izzat metal flake, perhaps ?


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