parts for 78 vespa bravo

i am currently restoring a 1978 vespa bravo, and i am not sure where i can find any parts for it. is there ant specific retailer for these things or must i try to find parts from moped enthusiusts? does anyone have phone #'s or web sites of places that readily have replacement or original parts? if so please let me know, i think this moped could be a real jem when i am done with it - if i had the parts.


Re: parts for 78 vespa bravo

Vespa Supershop. They have a website ( or you can call them at (619) 574-1818. Sometimes it is really hard to get through, so keep trying. They are the best source for Vespa moped parts I have found, and Fabio seems to know what he is talking about.

What parts are you looking for? I too have a 78 bravo, picked it up for 175 bucks!!! It is in great shape. All it needs is a new condensor and new points.

Re: parts for 78 vespa bravo

i'd like a set of cables and a wiring harness, because it would be easy to restore the bike this way. i need an exhaust system, and a crankshaft. some idiot broke the crank at the outside nut. If i can't find a new one i am going to have to try cobbing something.

because of the shape of the moped i got it for $20, so if i have to srap it i won't be too upset, but i really like this thing and i want it to run.

anyhow thanks for the tip- dave

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