Spark plugs

Hakachukai /

<HTML>I was wondering if I could get those 4 way spark high performance plugs for my moped. I have the 97 Tomos Targa, and I think it has B5H plugs (but I don't have the number right now). Where can I find a high performance plug? </HTML>

RE: Spark plugs

Reeperette /

<HTML>Crossreference the plug off a Champion L82C - I did see those 4-way jobbies in a size that would fit it, and they do make some small performance difference, usually in the neighborhood of cold starting and maybe low end takeoff.

You are, however, unlikely to get any more top-end that way.


RE: Spark plugs

Reeperette /

<HTML><--Just checked.

Also there is a Splitfire plug available, SF409C with a gap of 0.50

Might be able to reference from that as well.</HTML>

RE: Spark plugs

jim graff /

<HTML>do not use split fires or 4-way plugs they over heat the engine by burning too much of the gas which cools down the engine. u will be very sorry if u use one i learned the hard way.</HTML>

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