vespa won't run

I have a Vespa Bravo pedel moped. I cleaned out the carburator real good. It was really gunked up. Now it starts and idles for 30 or so seconds, but as soon as I give it a little gas it chokes out and dies. Plus I managed to foul a plug in the process. I will take any suggestions.


Re: vespa won't run

cleaning carb is good. but tank might be still full of crap, only takes a minute to fill carb up with crap again

Re: vespa won't run

XBrandon EdgeX /

Try cleaning the air filter screen and the airbox.

Also, I don't know if vespa carbs have metering rods, but if you pull the top end of the carb off and there's a needle sticking out of the bottom of the throttle slide, take that out and move the retaining clip on it up one notch and put it back together. That should keep it from getting too much gas. That's about all I can think of if everything else is clean in the carb.

Oh, also check for vaccum leaks between the carb and engine. To do this, start the bike up and while it's idling, spray some ether or starting fluid (carb cleaner will work, too) around on the connection between the carb and engine. If the engine speeds up or slows down without touching the throttle, then there's a vaccum leak. Pull the carb off and put some gasket sealer on the manifold.

Re: vespa won't run

XBrandon EdgeX /

Oh, another thing, some vespas just take awhile to warm up.

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Dave, how long has the ped been sitting for? After you do the vacume test Brandon said, if you do have a leak, tighten the carb with a 8mm socket (I had a leak, and the 8mm fixed it in a snap!) It would be worth your while to put an inline fuel filter on the fuel line to keep whatever crap is in the tank out of your clean carb. Something else to try, after the ped idles for 20 seconds or so, engage the choke (the little lever on the right hand side of the carb) and THEN open up the throttle. If it runs great with the choke on (you will have to hold it down, as soon as you twist the throttle it will automatically shut off) then you probably have an air leak. Let us know your progress!


Re: No gasket sealer!!

Don't put gasket sealer on the carburetor or the stub it attaches to!!!!

These carburetors have a nylon sleeve that slips over the stub and if you glue it in place you will truly regert it when you have to remove the engine to deal with it.

You are lucky the Bravo has a removable gas tank and can be worked on off the bike. You'll be surprised what you find in there.


Re: vespa won't run

You missed cleaning the idle jet.

reread this

Re: vespa won't run

Here is a pic of the idle jet.

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