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I would like to find some plans to build a moped from scratch. What do we need to build a moped from a simple bike. I have access to a metal shop and an automotive shop at my school. I would like to get some plans to build a moped.

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a chainsaw motor and a whole lot of duct tape, go for it dude

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Take a look at The Solex and the AMF RoadMaster. The Solex is a bicycle with a motor that is mounted in front of the handle bars. The engine drives a rubber roller that engages against the front tire when a lever pushes it down on the tire.

The AMF uses a similar set up but on the rear of the bike. has some good links that may help you. Check out this link;

Good Luck, be careful, remember all test pilots wear crash helmets.

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Here are a few web sights that may help.

Staton has everything from the motor set up to the drive rollers to the motors themselves. They also sell a lot of stuff on Ebay too. They sell a Chinese motor called the Wizard 1. I think that they call it the wing Ding. If you look at the pictures, they should give you a lot of good ideas.

Heres one that I made. The first picture is one that someone else made but the others are of the one that I did.

This web sight is one that a fellow made using an electric motor but the mechanics would be for any type of moped

I hope that these help. The Staton one has the most parts and he is pretty cheap for custom made stuff.


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Met a guy last week while riding my Solex. He has a Kawasaki hedgetrimmer motor attached to the front wheel of a mountan bike.

He built the whole thing with a Makita drill. Used a Toyota distributor and shaft to put on the drive roller. Of course the "head" was cut off the distributor.

It was noisy as hell and no faster than the Solex. Goes to show if there's a will there's a way.


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Re: Moped Building Plans

Jon Dalton /

When I was in high school, everyone was doing this - though few were ever finished and none of them worked. I built a scooter at home with a hacksaw, a drill, some angle iron and old bike parts, so you should have no problem with all the tools in your shop. The transmission or drivetrain is the hardest part to work out, you need a low gear ratio between the engine and the back wheel, lower than you could ever get with bike sprockets. You can have a wheel such as the outside of a centrifugal clutch rubbing against the tire, or have two sets of sprockets with an intermediate shaft, like a lot of mopeds. Or you could look for a very large sprocket or pulley wheel and mount it on the back wheel. Another idea would be to use the front sprocket and pedal shaft that are already on the bicycle as an intermediate shaft, have the engine drive the big sprocket, and weld a small sprocket beside the big one, and have that drive a big sprocket on the rear wheel, of course the sprocket on the rear wheel is small, so you have to weld a big one on. Before you start welding stuff you can figure out the gear ratio (size of engine gear / size of wheel gear) by calculations and figure out the speed per engine r.p.m.: RPM x gear ratio x wheel circumference. that gives you speed in inches per minute, which you can convert to miles per hour. If you're using a chainsaw engine, aim for a top speed of 20 miles per hour, if it's too much higher then it just won't have the torque to get going. Your next biggest problem is the cops. I learned the hard way. Drive sensibly, don't run stop signs, and you stand a better chance of them ignoring you.

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Alex Guertin /

Thanks a lot for your suggestion!!!

It's helping me a lot. Keep sending me suggestions and plans.

I need to find some parts now.

I'm really looking forward to start building it.

Re: Moped Building Plans

take the bar and chain off first

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