Intramotor Scout

<HTML>Does anyone have any history on these bikes I just bought two of these from a very noce old man who has had them since 1977. I can't find any info on them anywhere on the web or books. Does anyone have the inside scoop?



Re: Intramotor Scout

Marie Bissonnette /

hy Andy,

i've got a Intramotor Scout to. it was my bike when i was sixteen! i have the instruction book but it is so break. i'm looking to find more information about it too but i did'nt find anyting. i saw that your message was whrite in may 2000... so maybe someone else anwser to you and give you more information. by the way, would you like to sold some pieces from your bike? i'm particulary interest by the carburettor... i would like to talk with you by phone about that. can you call me at this phone number (418) 386-1636. i'm french canadian from Quebec city, so excuse my bad english and if you call me... speak slowly!

i hope to talk with you soon.


Re: Intramotor Scout

Hi Marie,

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you, I started a new job and have had not time to enjoy my moped ( I also bought a new motorcycle, but don't tell anyone here)...

I think the only way I would sell the mopeds is as a Pair ( I have two of them) so if you are interested email me or drop me a line here...I am located in Northern VT so you could even come and pick them up....

Let me know


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