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Hey guys,

I am sick of trying to fix up the junk mopeds i have and want to buy a new one. I would like to get a tomos sprint but can not find a place to get one. I would like to find a dealer in indiana or one that has reasonable prices and will ship. I also thought about a kinetic magnum but am unsure of quality and the only 2 dealers i could find in indiana no longer carry them.

I found one web page with moped dealers but it was several years out of date.

Anybody know of moped dealers in indiana or reasonable prices that will ship?

I would pay a bit more of course if I can pick up in person.

Also anybody have opinions on the kinetic magnum?



PS It is great to find such a good moped resource such as this on the net!!!

Re: moped dealers

Re: moped dealers

Reeperette /

>>I would like to find a dealer in indiana or one that has reasonable prices and will ship.<<

They don't ship, but they carry Tomos and are quite good at fixing them, so an extended warranty would do you well.

Kinetics are nice, they have quality control problems out of the box, but once you get through fixing the minor stuff from poor assembly line controls, and get a good 300 miles worth of break-in and shakedown time, they'll last about forever.


Re: moped dealers

Incidentally, most Kinetic dealers will "ship", because basically they just put through a drop ship order and Cosmopolitan (the importer) ships direct to you. Most don't use one from their own inventory for non-local customers.

Whitney carries the TFR, and maybe they'd sell you a Magnum, I'm not sure about that.

A fellow named encil has a web site (if I recall the URL correctly) and lists good prices. So far we haven't any reports good or bad on his reliability; you could be the first. Be sure to post your experiences, if you decide to be the pioneer. And as always, if you use a credit card, you have some protection if there is a problem.

Good luck, and let us know what you decide.

Re: moped dealers

Dave Jones /

Try Bill's Michiana Mopeds ( ) in Bristol, Indiana. He sells new mopeds and also has a moped savage yard.

Re: moped dealers

you may have to drive a bit ... but handybikes (ohio) sells new mopeds. so does akron mopeds (ohio). also scooter therapy (wisconsin). not sure who else near you. handybikes carries the new hero-puch. not sure what else. akron carries tomos and avanti. scooter therapy carries avanti, i think also tomos and derbi.

Re: moped dealers

Waynebroderick /

I live in Maine, and I had mine shipped up form Florida when I bought a new one.

I thought of it like this:

The bigger (warmer) cities must sell more mopeds, thus the cost of shipping should be off-set by the cheaper purchase price--

I didn't check everywhere, but I think I determined that New Jersey and Florida had the lowest retail for Mopeds.

Re: moped dealers

Hey,Guys! I was up to Handy Bikes today getting a few things and guess what? The older lady that worked there that was kinda' terse with customers is gone.I thought she was an owner.ALSO,a guy who looked like he might be a `bigwig' from India was in there talking to Bob Jones and one of the owners.They seemed to be really serious about selling more kinds of `peds.They are fixing up the place,too.I got the feeling we're gonna see it expand.HOPE SO !

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